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Is Monica coming, umm, going with you, billy?

Greg SargentWashington Post:

It’s official: Bill Clinton heading to Wisconsin to campaign against Scott Walker  —  Former President Bill Clinton has decided to go to Wisconsin to campaign against Scott Walker in the final days of the battle over whether to recall the Wisconsin Governor, a move that could give a boost …
Need some cigars, Billy?

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Aww come on big man, just get a bunch of fellow cowards and stone her, like your Taliban friends would do..

WI Democrat Tells Female Constituent He Wants to “Smack Her Around” in Message (Audio) GatewayPundit via memeorandum

A Wisconsin democrat running in a recall election left a message on a woman’s answering machine. The democrat said he ought to smack her around in a message he didn’t know was being recorded.

and here is the audio

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