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Ya’ know, these planned NON parenthood bastards, would do real well with the vile bastards of isis. Could just see and hear it now..’Hey you need a baby head? Arms, Legs, Heart????



The fetus ‘just fell out’: Ninth Planned Parenthood video describes ‘icky smell’ of babies killed by drugs

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My opinion of these people IS, they are as VILE and EVIL, as is isis, and assorted OTHER islammies..

PLANNED PARENTHOOD INVESTIGATION: Abortionists Cut Through Face to Extract Intact Brain…

Heart still beating…


ans barry, jesse, al, say dats right, Persia. Is barry sunni or shit’tes ?

Calls for assassination of PM Netanyahu’s children

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Gosh, and I just typed a wonderful article about Sanity and Sense. “Black Friday” should be re-named TO ‘Stupid Ass Friday’..


Shoppers Brawl Over BARBIE Doll At WALMART…

Woman punches cop at mall…

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Hey DOLTS, barry wasn’t planning those jobs for you, they are for all of our brand new ILLEGALS..

Giving up: 40% women, 28% men, 39% youth don’t want a job   BY PAUL BEDARD |

Nearly four in 10 Americans, or 92 million, are not in the labor force and now there’s a reason why: They have simply given up and don’t want to work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest group of people not in the labor force are those who don’t want a job, a remarkable statement on the nation’s work ethic. The federal job counter said that 85.9 million adults last month didn’t want a job, or 93 percent of all adults not in the labor force.

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While the difference between race and ethnicity is problematic..

..what does YOUR ethnic group NOT UNDERSTAND about WE the PEOPLE of the present USA, do NOT want anymore of YOUR ETHNIC group HERE IN THE USA! There ARE MILLIONS of YOUR ETHNIC group in THE USA NOW ILLEGALLY! And YES, I know that YOUR ETHNIC group DRUG enterprises, PROSTITUTION enterprises PAID BY THIS and past administration’s of this COMPLETELY screwed up USA “government”, some State and LOCAL “governments”, along with OUR DRUGGIE and HOOKER lovers, are in some part the ONLY income source YOU HAVE.

Report: Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson to Give Final Input on Executive Amnesty One Week After Midterms

Attorney General eric holder (and WIFEY TOO, huh eric?) and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will reportedly give President barack obama their final executive amnesty recommendations in two weeks, a week after the midterm elections in which Republicans could take back Congress.




There ARE many sick, evil bastards in our nation that need, NO, make that MUST be, to be TOSSED “in front of” A “train”


Police say NY man beheads woman before jumping in front of train


You know, the evil, the vileness, that has taken over the USA, the USA just may not be worth saving..



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