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It Began Thusly. Boko Haram U.S.A. It begins. Love It! Bring It!!!

Michael Brown robbing convenience store

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Convince me that this nation isn’t totally ass over tea kettle NUTS! Go ahead, try..



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Look! It’s Rwanda, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya or somethin’..

Hollywood hit by roaming band of robbers, police say,0,7455097.story via,0,7455097.story

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Here they go again..Obama Used Social Security Number Assigned To Dead Woman..


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Ju kno, I tin’ dis guy, essa gona be awrigh. Pope Francis IS what I was taught Catholicism was all about..

Beautiful: Pope Francis stops to kiss and bless disabled man before inaugural Mass [photos and video]   twitchy

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“A wonderful story. The divers are so cool, the dolphin so smart, and all ends well.”

Dolphin Caught In Fishing Line, Seeks Out Help From Diver

CBS Video via

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Allen West and Frank Gaffney

PJTV Video; Next Gen Preview: Mali/Africa Conflict – Obama and Bush Policies Faulted

Allen West is joined by Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy and John Phillips to discuss the situation in Mali and Algeria. Gaffney, although a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration, faults both the Bush and Obama administration policies regarding Islamists, Sharia, and the more recent Arab Spring.

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‘Secret Sandy Claus Project’. Santa visits kids that lost toys in the storm (Fox News video)..

Sandy Claus


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