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Perfect illustration of the term, diametrical opposition. Isn’t getting “Pawed At” exactly the reason, fake people, PLAYING “fake people”, do THEIR FAKE THINGS?

A-List Stars Shun White House Correspondents Dinner…

We Get ‘Pawed At’…

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Screw Californicate! Quakes should have taken you out, long ago..

California Dems Aim to Curb Oil Bonanza With Anti-Fracking Bills

Fox News

Fracking at the Monterey Shale formation in California is sparking estimates that 15 billion barrels of oil could be accessed, along with millions of jobs, but Dems seeking to curb use of the technology are introducing a flurry of anti-fracking bills.

VIDEO: California Considers 10 Bills Limiting Fracking 

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One thing is a certainty, Midler IS a Horse’s TWAT!


Bette Midler unsure if Sen. Marco Rubio is horse’s ass


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Ooooo, tough guy. Hey asshat if and when you do, lotta people will be there to mess up your face. Family will not recognize you

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Last Interview’: I Was Born to Spit on Rupert Murdoch…

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Completely Agree *Shorty. Let us begin with YOUR LEFTIST Class. Your accumulated wealth, Matt Lauer (21.5 MILLION per year), ALL of Hollywood and the rest of your filthy rich class! Soros, do I see BILLIONAIRE there?!

Robert Reich: Thanksgiving is a good day for some class warfare

Walton (Walmart) family’s wealth equal to wealth of bottom 41.5% of all Americans combined.

*Robert Reich – height

4 feet 11 inches

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