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Well, since barry done da’ deed wid Persia ans da’ Saudis snubs him, guess barry a shia, huh?

Saudi Arabia snubs President Obama at the airport

Apr 20, 2016 5:01 PM by John Sexton

“a relationship long lubricated by barrels of oil is now facing deep questions…”


Unfortunately, Europe isn’t the ONLY target these vile, evil ones have as targets..



Report: Security officials say the Islamic State has trained at least 400 attackers for missions in Europe – AP

This will only end when THEY AND ALL of THEIR followers are DECIMATED!

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Awww Shucks muzzies BUT, there is a way to end these actions of YOURS, AND that is to Charles Martel.. many of you as can be. DEAD! FINI! DONE!..D.E.A.D.

Terror group takes responsibility for Brussels airport, subway attacks that killed 31, wounded more than 180

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No Problem! Persia, CAPTURED THEM ANDZ the shia administration in the U.S.A. you know, valerie and barry say dats’ OK, Dues It!!

Marine helicopters collide over Hawaii, Jan. 15, 2016


Coast Guard, on search for missing helicopters: Debris has been found across 7-mile stretch of Oahu North Shore – Hawaii News Now

Besides barry say, i waz bornz ins hawaii, sos i knos wah i says..


The ONLY WAY, ONLY WAY to end this islammie SHIT IS completely destroy, decimate, ANNIHILATE EVERYTHING islammie/muslim! HEAR DAT barry, valerie and the rest of you islammie lovers!???

Three Year Old Boy ‘Gang Raped’ at Norway Asylum Centre

3-Year-Old Boy ‘Gang Raped’ at Norway Asylum Centre

Islamic State Burns Alive Fighters for Losing Ramadi

Islamic State Burns Alive Fighters for Losing Ramadi

Make Hiroshima and Nagasaki a MINOR HAPPENING…

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barry THE islam snake AND THE WHITE barry, tRUMP. Good fucking luck USA, I ain’t gonna’ be around when ALL THE SHIT HITS (to use a barry’ism) da fanssss..


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After barry is done in office HERE, he plans on becoming ayatollah-in-chief in Persia. Persian born valerie say dats OK..

..’cause he gave you NUKES

Up to 10 US Navy crewmen held by Iranian forces in Persian Gulf

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Answer SHOULD BE ‘SIMPLE’, NEVER EVER Even Consider ANY Potential Candidate..

..ELECTING FOR ANY OFFICE, INCLUDING THE “highest” meaning prezy, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH A VERY DUBIOUS PAST!! You know, like barry of KENYAN GENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama actions require background checks by all in ‘business’ of firearms

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