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ans barry, jesse, al, say dats right, Persia. Is barry sunni or shit’tes ?

Calls for assassination of PM Netanyahu’s children

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And, the description OF THE assailants New York Daily News IS ?????????

Orthodox Jewish man attacked at Brooklyn train station in apparent hate crime

The 53-year-old, identified as an Israeli tourist, was called a ‘dirty bloody Jew’ and a ‘f—ing Jew’ by his assailants, one of which beat him with his own umbrella in Williamsburg at the Marcy Ave. station before 4 p.m. Monday. The three fled on a Manhattan-bound train after a bystander intervened and was also attacked.


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And Yet, another..”A Legacy”? Iran Calls Again For Destruction of Israel and The Great Satan, meaning the USA, “A Legacy”! In this instance, I would say Kristina is WRONG..

GOP poised to dash Obama’s Iran hopes

 By Kristina Wong11/16/14

Republicans are flexing their muscles and threatening to block President Obama from cutting a nuclear deal with Iran on his own terms.

International negotiators have until Nov. 24 under an interim agreement to reach a deal with Tehran that would curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, or seek another extension of talks.


While the GOP won’t take control of the Senate until Jan.3, they are quickly making it clear they are serious about closely vetting any agreement. As the deadline approaches, Republicans fear the administration is too eager to reach a deal and could concede too much in talks.

A GOP Congress could doom what the president hopes will be a legacy foreign policy achievement.

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All according to THE islam FRIENDLY RACIST JEW HATING Neo-Marxist plan..

..With assistance from OTHER “light-skinned” ..”with no Negro dialect, unless heTHEY’ wanted to have one.” in this administration. THANKS harry.


Study Claims Large Numbers of Non-Citizens Participate in Elections…


The remaining Neo-Marxists, AKA “DEMS”, OF ‘WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, with combinations thereof, are elated that THEY FINALLY have the golden opportunity in completing THEIR denigration of a ONCE PROUD NATION, that along with other nations led the global community against ALL EVILS. 

To say OR indicate that the USA will become a 3rd rate global power, is being kind, unless “We the People” say and in actual fact indicate ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and stop OUR EVIL, ALL HEADLINES ABOVE WILL COME TO PASS!

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Solution for Israel. Bulldoze Gaza into the Mediterranean..


YES, THEN NO: Hamas rejects Gaza cease-fire after Israel approves it

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The New York Times can be added to THE “ELATED” list of The Left..

The Jew Hating Left and Black Racists Just Found Another HERO. It’s obvious by the headline of the L.A. Times. They Are ELATED..

Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?

As the winds of change blow across Iran, secular democrats in Israel have been losing ground to religious and right-wing extremists who feel comfortable openly attacking the United States, Israel’s strongest ally. In recent months, Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, called Secretary of State John Kerry “obsessive and messianic,” while Naftali Bennett, Israel’s economy minister, labeled Mr. Kerry a “mouthpiece” for anti-Semitic elements attempting to boycott Israel.

Israel’s secular democrats are growing increasingly worried that Israel’s future may bear an uncomfortable resemblance to Iran’s recent past.


And then I said, ‘Israel, we have your back’..

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In that, Barry, Hillary and Kerry AGREE! Historical facts say, that there are NO legitimate peoples named “palestinians”..

Palestinians say no peace talks without ’67 borders agreement…

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And the reason is, spreading Jew Hatred, correct?

Israel to award Obama Medal of Distinction thehill

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