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And here everyone thought Domino’s just tossed Pizzas..

Maryland company sets Guinness World Record for ‘largest human mattress dominoes’

Fox News




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Thank God, the persons he MURDERED didn’t suffer, eh Johnny..

Burgess Everett / Politico:

John McCain: Arizona execution ‘torture’

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Really? Whoda’ thunk it, huh?

A group of 11 minicars did the worst of any class of vehicles tested so far in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s newest and toughest trial, the small-overlap front crash test.

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uh huh, yep, sure thing..Maybe in friggin’ ireland or something..

Boehner: Remains Presidential Contender…

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HEY, Don’t EVEN THINK, of Sending their ASSES Here!

Obama’s 2013 Hawaiian vacation — what’s wrong with Dollywood?

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The Gigantic Titanic. Watch out for typhoons, hurricanes, piracy and terrorists

MILE-LONG FLOATING CITY HOUSES 50K RESIDENTS…Designed by the Florida-based Freedom Ship International (FSI), the floating city is set to cost $10 billion and weigh 2.7 million tonnes - making it too large to ever dock.


Wonder how many patches, fix its, upgrades it will have, just like IE..

Bill and Melinda Gates seek ‘enhanced sensation’ condom…

Good Luck with da’ rubba’

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Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting Wong..

Mass. Man Defends Snapping ‘Upskirt’ Photos As Constitutionally Protected

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Massachusetts man arrested for taking “upskirt” cellphone photos of women on subways has argued in court that it’s perfectly legal and Constitutionally protected.

Michael Robertson, 31, was arrested in 2010 after trying to take photos up women’s dresses on the Boston subway.

He’s now defending what he says is his right to take upskirt pictures of women in public.

Robertson’s defense attorney, a woman, argued before the state Supreme Court on Monday that her client’s actions are protected under the First Amendment.

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