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First, I AM Not NOT a ‘tea party’ member. Secondly me thinks barry’s daddy IF that was his daddy, was a shit..umm shiite..You know, kinda’ like Persia born valerie jarrass, err, jarrett..

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mullah barry HUSSEIN wouldn’t have it any other way. Hey barry, daughters and mooch been FGM’D YET?



Progressives win once again! Do these filthy bastards BITCH about islam completely inhuman ways? Do THEY bitch about the naacp “selling out”, to an old, diseased WHITE old man that owns a National Blackistball team?

..Do they bitch about a FRAUD head of government and his Stepin Fechit department heads CONSTANTLY turning EVERYTHING to a RACIAL theme? Do THEY bitch about a nation, that had warts, NOW having those “warts” METASASIZE to a DEADLY disease? OH NO, they BITCH about a fine female of the species, that put all together, SHE has more INTELLIGENCE then all of these above mentioned VERMIN, will ever have? Gosh, I forgets about, their MASSAS, barry and moochelleies..

Here is looking at you valerie, susie, mellisa tampon, eLIEjah, cylBORNE, al, jesse , tourettes, eric vacuum cleaner, erich only BLACKS count AND YOUR WHITEBREAD friends, like harry, kerry, (would be a great idea for both of you PROGRESSIVE PUS HEADS Hari Kari) debbie ‘i got a test’ so you don’t get sebelius’, chucky (i’m JEWISH, REALLY schumker) REALLY, I AM!

Condi Rice Withdraws From Commencement Speech…

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Whoa! Isn’t this the white house and its gang of incompetent frauds..


U.S. Warns China Not to Attempt Crimea-Style Action in Asia

..that was and still are, jumping up and down about the Russians concerning the Ukraine/Crimea “unrest”?

How about THEIR attempts to demonize Israel as THE roadblock for peace, with vile Arab/Islamists that want nothing more than to finish the job that Adolph Hitler began in earnest?

And the head of this gang of incompetent frauds was given a “peace prize”?

White House defends ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest…

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Is this Red Line Barry Guy, Good or What. Brilliant Words Kasparov..

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‘and the communist party is being run by the white house and all other news media outlets, print, cable and internet..

“The Republican party is being run out of News Corp. headquarters.”

Jeff Zucker (another leftist JEW) Blasts Fox News, Says News Is Still CNN’s Top Priority

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Really? Gosh, I wonder why. Truth hurts doesn’t it, White House! But when has this White House believed ANY “truth”?

Kristina Wong / The Hill:
White House rejects criticisms in Gates’ memoir

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Awwww how sweet, huh? This here Whi, ummm Black House is just like having Necrotizing Fasciitis. What’s Dat you ask? Well it is commonly referred to as, “flesh-eating bacteria”..

Louise Radnofsky / Wall Street Journal:
White House Will Allow Some To Buy Catastrophic Health Plans 

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