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Smart These Chinese. So umm, to borrow a French term, ooh rà rà. LMAO..

Peaches in Panties
File this under weird fruit trends

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It is way above my pay grade as to why, how, who, went, or when..

Fox adult ANY adult could leave their young child or infant, locked in a vehicle alone, regardless the temperature or circumstances. This lovely young woman, just may have THE ANSWER. AND she will or should become the next BILLIONAIRE, beside that GOOFY LOOK Zuckerberg.

A Teen With A Mission: Not One More Child Killed In A Hot Car

Alissa Chavez is riding the wave of sudden fame with a big smile on her face. At 17, she has patented a device she hopes will achieve her dreamed goal of not having one more child die because it was accidentally forgotten in a car by a busy parent.

Her “Hot Seat” works through a seemingly very simple mechanism. It is a sensor wrapped in a pad that needs to be placed underneath the cover of the car seat. This sensor communicates with a key fob and sounds a loud alarm whenever two things simultaneously happen: the sensor perceives any pressure, and key fob and sensor are more than 40 feet away from each other.





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Why apologize, Brennan? That is WHO and WHAT You Should be Monitoring!

Brennan Apologizes for CIA Monitoring of Senate Intelligence Computers


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Finally! An answer as to ‘How The Left was Brought into Being’..

Early Earth suffered 500-million-year asteroid storm


What IS NEEDED Moochelle IS, American Blood that “runs through my veins”!

When  WILL YOU, your hubby and those of YOUR ILK (Al, Jesse, Clyburn, Shelia, et al) decide to ELIMINATE the HYPHEN!


At the speech for a summit of young African leaders and innovators, Obama said, “The roots of my family tree are in Africa. My husband’s father was born and raised in Kenya. Members of our extended family still live there. I have had the pleasure of traveling to Africa many times over the years, including four trips as first lady, and I have brought my mother and my daughters along whenever I can.”

She added, “The blood of Africa runs through my veins, and I care deeply.”

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There IS a way to stop this AND at one time it DID. The United States occupation of Veracruz. Enough is enough, poncho villa’s!

  • A WEEKLY REPORT distributed by a Texas state agency to senior law enforcement officials paints a grim picture of the Mexican border, where authorities regularly confront illegal immigrant gang members and draw automatic gunfire from across the Rio Grande, and where local, state and federal authorities fight a never-ending battle against drug and human traffickers.

  • PHOTOS: Report reveals ‘disturbing trend’ of brazen attacks against border security



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Bu-but, if OUR nation does not share the “Chicken pox outbreak”, barry and those FOR illegal immigration, will say we are “haters”!

Chicken pox outbreak puts illegal immigrant facility on lockdown



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Today’s educational moment comes all the way from Washington.

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