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Wonderful day it is, so far. I’m not anti-social, I just don’t like PEOPLE!.. :).

..Had the occasion to make a shopping trip, the “wonderful” part is/was, seeing all these FOREIGN License plates, lined up for miles getting the HELL OUTTA’ THE AREA! That includes from other areas of Tennessee!



See these 3 Stars? If you do NOT know, they signify East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. For MOST East Tennessee folk, EAST IS SANE, Middle is Left Leaning Liberal, West is FORGET IT, ’cause it may as well be North Korea.

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The much anticipated East Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains, damn near mid-point driving report, is at hand..

..I can understand THE curvy, up and down mountain roads, even locals drive with caution especially in fog, rain, winter mixes and snow. But, uhhh, don’t trees exist in  other parts of the U.S.? Yes, I know the desert Southwest, doesn’t have a helluva’  lot of those tall pointy things with green stuff on ’em.

Vehicular traffic by license tag sighting:

Middle and West, Tennessee. Hugh.

Ohio, Indiana, North and South Carolina, Kentucky. Damn close seconds, to “Hugh”.

Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and Florida hot and heavy BUT tie for third place.

Mississippi,Pennsylvania, just about tied for fourth.

Missouri, Texas, fifth.

Various others factoring, Maine, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts. 

Eye Popper: Alaska.

Legend: Red= DRIVE WITH THEIR HEADS UP THEIR ASSES AND COULD GIVE TWO SHITS! (Tail Gated by locals, until THEY move over OR shit green pickles)

As an aside, asked a sheriff friend: ‘Would it be OK to shoot out of state drivers, that clog our roads by driving two miles per hour, GAWKING at TREES’? His ANSWER. “I wish”!



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