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Ummm, could be wrong BUT, something tells me she has’ been there, done that’, in REAL TIME

News Anchor’s Penis Shaped Jacket Erupts all over Social Media


Barry must be waiting to see if that Nakoula “Innocence of Muslims” Guy is to blame. You know, like Barry did for the Benghazi Islammies brutal slaying of Americans

US aid worker Peter Kassig reportedly killed by Islamic State

Nov 16, 2014, 04:07 PM GMT 56m

US official confirms Islamic State video showing US aid worker Peter Kassig’s corpse is authentic – @rcallimachi

Damn That Nakoula Guy, right Barry..


LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron has condemned the Islamic State group as a “depraved organization” after the extremists released a video claiming to show that militants have beheaded U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig.

Cameron said that like others who have been “murdered in cold blood” by the group, Kassig was a selfless humanitarian worker who had gone to the region to help others.

Cameron said Sunday the video “underlines the deplorable depths to which these terrorists are prepared to go — savagely murdering a compassionate man.”

The video, which also purports to show extremists beheading a dozen Syrian soldiers, ends with a militant standing over what he calls the severed head of Kassig.

U.S. officials said they were working to determine the video’s authenticity.

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Meet Jack the Ripper..

GUILTY: A DNA sample has proven Polish immigrant Aaron Kosminski was Jack the Ripper

It is the greatest murder mystery of all time, a puzzle that has perplexed criminologists for more than a century and spawned books, films and myriad theories ranging from the plausible to the utterly bizarre.

But now, thanks to modern forensic science, The Mail on Sunday can exclusively reveal the true identity of Jack the Ripper, the serial killer responsible for  at least five grisly murders in Whitechapel in East London during the autumn of 1888.

DNA evidence has now  shown beyond reasonable doubt which one of six key suspects commonly cited in connection with the Ripper’s reign of terror was the actual killer – and we reveal his identity.

A shawl found by the body of Catherine Eddowes, one of the Ripper’s victims, has been analysed and found to contain DNA from her blood as well as DNA from the killer.

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Oh My! al, jesse, melinda harris, AND newest RACIST jamilah lemieux, your assistance is needed in the UK..

..There are kittens infecting blacks with tuberculosis. Who knew kitties could be so RACIST!


Jessica Livings was struck down with pneumonia linked to bovine TB after being infected by her pet kitten

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If you have ANY SENSE (MENTAL) Brits, kill them, every single one of them, NOW!!!

UK Islamist Rally In East London Features Convicted Terrorists Calling for ‘Shariah Britain’

Convicted terrorists, extremist preachers and dozens of other Islamist activists rallied in East London on Saturday, in a sure sign that the newly founded ‘Need4Khilafah’ group is becoming increasingly emboldened in its anti-Western agitation efforts in the UK  by RAHEEM KASSAM

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Professionally known as Пирс Морган and other completely irritating LEFT of Center stuff..

Oh, umm, Пирс Морган, is the name of this Lefty shit stirrer in Russian. Seems, from what I have read, that the Brits cheered when he came to the ‘colonies’. Question is: When do WE in the colonies get the same damn chance, as he leaves?

Then, there is this gem.

Everything You Need To Know About The Growing Crisis In Ukraine

Why it matters

Analysts contend that the protests represent the continued break from the old Soviet system and signal the countries lurch towards greater democracy and openness. The demonstrations have also “brought to the forefront a new generation of protesters that grew up in an independent Ukraine and have faint — if any — memories of the Soviet Union. They see themselves as Europeans, they are disillusioned with politics as usual, and they feel increasingly at odds with establishment opposition figures.”


The question should be, why does a PROGRESSIVE organization REJECT “memories of the Soviet Union”?

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Oh My! Earth Shaking News.. And in what manner, is this your business, Simon and Guardian?

Simon Bowers / Guardian:

Abba admit outrageous outfits were worn to avoid tax  —  New book reveals band’s style was influenced by Swedish laws that allowed cost of outfits to be deducted against tax  —  The glittering hotpants, sequined jumpsuits and platform heels that Abba wore at the peak of their fame were designed …

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Deport The Limey..

CNN host and former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan questioned by police over phone hacking scandal – @BBCBreaking, @Reuters

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