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Excuse Me For This Fast Hurried Post BUT, I Gotta’ Go Get Some BACON, ‘Cause I’m Out Of BACON..

WORLD LEADERS ‘RATTLED’? Obama, Trump take swipes at
each other over foreign policy

A Triple Lipper (barry) AND A Orange Skinned Bloviating Asshat That Has a Pocket For WHAT’EVEH Below His Bottom Lip..

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“tRUMP just tweeted a “REAL cover or himself DOING “Time”, in the REAL SENSE of DOING TIME!

Pay attention, Time Magazine editors, because we think he’s trying to tell you something with this retweet:

Fixed That For Ya’ Twitchy!

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And just exactly how would YOU, you bloviating loud mouth asshole do that, huh?!

Mark Hensch / The Hill:
Trump: ‘I would close up our borders’ after Brussels

Nationalize ALL local, state police forces, along with positioning all available U.S. military land forces standing shoulder to shoulder along the Mexican AND Canadian borders? OH and don’t forget, along the Alaskan/Canadian border. U.S. Naval/Coast Guard forces off each and every U.S. coastal area? The Great Lakes? Ooops, forgot, ring Hawaii with those forces, too?

Just exactly HOW, tRUMP! YOU are running for OUR nation’s highest office, SPIT IT OUT, mr. You’re Fired!


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I very well could be wrong BUT, there is something askew in and with the State of Misery, oopss missouri..

St. Charles County, MO


Parents face neglect charges in connection to child’s death in St. Charles County, Mo., police say; 2-year-old boy died Sunday from hypothermia after parents allegedly left him alone in room for 38 hours – @alexiszotos

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Soooo, when some refer to humans having ‘Bird Brains’, they could be correct, huh?



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Aww, how nice barry BUT seems like OUR government, has several “convicts” already!!

Obama to Sign Order Forcing Government to Hire Convicts

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Yeah, Haveta’ Say, Overall LIFE HAS BEEN GOOD..

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good

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Well Sure THEY Are Going To Renounce islammie extremism, SEE! Good Job Europe..


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