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That Is Why THEY Are Called The SUPREME Court, DIPSHIT!

Jay Michaelson / The Daily Beast:

Hobby Lobby: Supreme Court Declares Itself to Be High Priest

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The Most Vile and Disgusting of the Human Species. Eliminate Them!

Arabs Throw Stones at Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Murdered Boys   truthrevolt 

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There is but one way and one way ONLY TO and IN dealing with islammies..


BREAKING NEWS: Israeli officials confirm to Fox News that the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers have been discovered in the West Bank town of Hebron.

..and that one way IS, complete obliteration by whatever means. Bombing, until bombs run out, disease, gas, nukes, or all the mentioned, at once.

Beside the fact the ‘palestinian’ is a made for political name only, THEY WON’T BE MISSED.

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The Federal Government Doesn’t Either, Asshole!



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., on Hobby Lobby decision: ‘Today’s decision jeopardizes women’s access to essential health care. Employers have no business intruding in the private health care decisions women make with their doctors’ –

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Words and Actions of a DICKtator. If all U.S. citizens are to follow the rules of law or statutes, as set for in the Constipation or something, how come barry doesn’t?

Obama Defiant in Weekly Address: I’ll Continue to Act on My Own

Obama Grows Petulant over GOP Challenge to Authority


Oh Oh barry, another “Red Line”, maybe? Well, umm, beside any red line you draw HERE in the U.S. that is..



Russian fighter jets arrive in Iraq for fight against rebels, expected to be operational in days –

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Have stated this time and time again, but no one listens, SOOO bit my ass and fuck off..BUT..

This CONSTANT framing of THIS PSYCHOTIC with A HALO EFFECT, only feeds his Psychosis, that he in fact IS, THE ONE, THE ONLY that was hatched on this planet. Stop This Shit DAMN IT!

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Didn’t moochelle recently say we need a woman President? Got one, moochelle..

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Ain’t you supposed to be in a field protectin’ crops?


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