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Ya’ know, these planned NON parenthood bastards, would do real well with the vile bastards of isis. Could just see and hear it now..’Hey you need a baby head? Arms, Legs, Heart????



The fetus ‘just fell out’: Ninth Planned Parenthood video describes ‘icky smell’ of babies killed by drugs

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Say Gallup, guess this means that the below have a ‘right’ to “free phones”..

..’Instant citizenship’, no i do haf two lern spek ingligsh, ‘mov gringo, thees in mi yob now’, “knockout” games, ANYTHING said IS RACIS, Unemployment benefits forEVER. WOW, I love it..

Why do we not name Barry, leader for life? You know, like Vladimir, Little Great Haircut Kim, Mugabe, just to name a few..

U.S. Uninsured Rate Drops to 13.4%

Uninsured rate down nearly four percentage points since late 2013

by Jenna Levy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The uninsured rate for U.S. adults in April was 13.4%, down from 15.0% in March. This is the lowest monthly uninsured rate recorded since Gallup and Healthways began tracking it in January 2008.

The uninsured rate was lower in April than in the fourth quarter of 2013 across nearly every key demographic group. The rate dropped more among blacks than any other demographic group, falling 7.1 percentage points to 13.8%. Hispanics were expected to disproportionately benefit from the Affordable Care Act — commonly referred to as “Obamacare” — because they are the subgroup with the highest uninsured rate. Although the percentage of uninsured Hispanics, at 33.2%, is down 5.5 points since the end of 2013, this rate is still the highest by far across key demographic groups.

Similarly, the uninsured rate among lower-income Americans — those with an annual household income of less than $36,000 — has also dropped by 5.5 points, to 25.2%, since the fourth quarter of 2013.

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“If you like your insur…………” Bahh, SCREW IT! This is what happens when you elect and incompetent fraud, TWICE. Same goes for ALL of the RULERS in both houses of Congress..

BEYOND REPAIR: Maryland expected
to ditch $125M ObamaCare exchange

  • AP

  • A NEW REPORT SAYS Maryland will abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website and replace the health exchange using technology from Connecticut’s marketplace, with Gov. Martin O’Malley saying an announcement will be made next week on the future of the exchange.

  • FOX NEWS POLL: Majorities understand, oppose ObamaCare
  • VIDEO: GOP says ObamaCare enrollment numbers nothing to brag

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You will just LOVE Malaysia Air. Service is top notch!

PRESS BAN DURING MICHELLE O CHINA TRIP… ‘Once we lose access, we’ll never get it back’…

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You guys still do not get it! Concentrate on the American People, FIRST!



Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Ra-Va., calls for sanctions against Russian individuals  American politicians who interfere in Ukraine’s  American domestic affairs.



House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, says US, EU responsible for putting economic, political pressure on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine – the American people.

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First. lois (slow) lerner FORMER smart ass in charge IRS. Second SWAG, will once again plead the 5th. Third..

..if ever “burning” FEMALES “at the stake” becomes fashionable again, THIS female and her smug smarmy attitude, would be MY first choice! I have no doubt, that she still receives her TAXPAYER PAID SALARY. Ahh yes, she pleads The Fifth ON The Fifth..

Bernie Becker / The Hill:

House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is hauling Lois Lerner back to Congress.  —  Issa told Lerner’s attorney in a Tuesday letter that he expected the retired IRS official to appear before his committee on March 5.

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Peoples of the world we live in..

..are rising up against THEIR tyrants. In the case of the Ukraine, successfully so, at least up to this point and time. Tragically, many perished BUT those that live will not forget those that died. In fact, I seem to recall a MAJOR instance or TWO that occurred right here in the U.S.A.

One of those sparked by a King in England in his and his loyal subjects, against The Colonies. Just imagine being ruled by an entire group of present day Piers Morgan’s. The second MAJOR “instance”, being the FREEING of A people AND the right of individual States versus A powerful group known  AND to this day as, The Federal Government.

We the People, have and still do HAVE a lying, incompetent who is laughed at throughout this world, steeped in Neo-Marxism, clothed in the term, “community organizer” whose only known goal most definitely is, “I have a pen” or “I can do want I want”, so there! Toss in ALL of those that see being a Representative, Senator, A FEDERAL department head, or just Heaven forfend, a working drone of the “FEDERAL” bureaucratic, that do not and have not, SERVED We the People AND by thought, word and deed KNOW, the PEOPLE SERVE THEM!

We the People, do NOT need, nor do WE want, another King, whether that “King”, be white, black, brown, red OR a combination of all.

Are WE as a people satisfied with “free phones”, insurance coverage  for ALL at inexpensive rates, which it is NOT, a FEDERAL government spying on and listening in on every word, winking and nodding and provoking  of racial divisions, continued spending of TAX dollars, increasing those tax dollars to the point of, if there STILL IS a future U.S.A. a NATIONAL debt, decades into that “future”???

Again, Where are our present day Anti-Tyrants? Will it or could it be BLOODY? YES!

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To this I say, those that penned “Our Constitution” DID IN FACT have the “guts”!..

..what is lacking in OUR government today are those persons that do NOT have “guts”! Their existence is, perpetuating an elite class that promotes looking down on “We the People”..

Balanced Budget Amendments (BBA) Gut Our Constitution And Don’t Reduce Spending by Publius Huldah


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