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Better Name For Ya’ Riviera Beach. ‘Ima’ Shiite Highway’. Something says, IT FITS!!

Florida Town Votes to Rename ‘Old Dixie Highway’ ‘Barack Obama Highway’

The city council of Riviera Beach, Florida voted 4-1 on Wednesday night to rename a stretch of Old Dixie Highway as “Barack Obama Highway.”


Speaking of hate you ugly foul bastard, why are your “estranged wife” and your children on public assistance, huh?


Alan Grayson: GOP strategy of ‘hate’ won’t work in 2016



Now THIS IS Fucking Asinine!!! Fort Lauderdale Was God Damn Better, When I, Moi, Me, MAY HAVE (phewww) Assisted In Wrecking The Friggin’ Place. PARTEEEEEEEEE, Hell Yeah!!

90-year-old among first charged under Fort Lauderdale’s strict rules against feeding homeless


Fort Lauderdale police say Arnold Abbott violated a new city law, but the 90-year-old homeless advocate says his only crime was to “love thy neighbor.”

Abbott was charged Sunday along with two local pastors with violating the city’s new ordinance that effectively bans giving out food in public. He faces 60 days in jail and a $500 fine, and he intends to get cited again Wednesday night, when he sets out to feed some of the Florida city’s estimated 10,000 homeless on a public beach.

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