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Memeorandum, is Strom Thurmond pictured for a particular reason OUTSIDE of the RACE issue, for the basis of Conyers election problems?

Wayne County Clerk: John Conyers not qualified for Aug. 5 ballot


Congressman may have filed insufficient number of valid signatures to qualify for ballot … DETROIT –  —  Veteran U.S. Congressman John Conyers does not have enough signatures to get on the Aug. 5 primary ballot, according to Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett.

Clerk: Conyers ‘would not have enough signatures’ to qualify for August ballot 

Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett now says she does not believe U.S. Rep. John Conyers has enough valid signatures to qualify for the Aug. 5 primary ballot.  —  She confirmed this afternoon that she received … 
Conyers’ petition circulators did not register to vote, or did it late

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“You have to concede a certain logic here: If you can’t defeat Afghanistan, a billion Han Chinese will be a cakewalk.”

Unfettered surveillance of absolutely everything, militarized police, the military as private presidential army, searches without probable or indeed any cause, photo ID required to buy train tickets, on and on.

Perhaps worse, the endless regulation by Washington, either directly or by federal pressure, of everything anybody ever does. The country was founded on the idea that most things were none of the government’s damned business. Today, everything is the government’s business. There is virtually nothing that cannot be controlled by some level of government.


Infinite Arrogance, Infinite Incompetence by Fred Reed


Obama’s crisis of credibility. By KEITH KOFFLER | 10/11/13. Should be on your reading list..

President Barack Obama is like a novice flier thrust into the cockpit of a 747. He’s pushing buttons, flipping switches and radioing air traffic control, but nothing’s happening. The plane is just slowly descending on its own, and while it may or may not crash, it at least doesn’t appear to be headed to any particularly useful destination.

Obama’s ineffectiveness, always a hallmark of his presidency, has reached a new cruising altitude this year. Not even a year into his second term, he looks like a lame duck and quacks like a lame duck. You guessed it — he’s a lame duck.

On the world stage, despite Obama’s exertions, Iran’s centrifuges are still spinning, the Israelis and Palestinians remain far apart, Bashar Assad is still in power, the Taliban are gaining strength and Iraq is gripped by renewed violence.

At home, none of Obama’s agenda has passed this year. Republicans aren’t bowing to him in the battle of the budget, and much of the GOP seems uninterested in House Speaker John Boehner’s vision of some new grand bargain with the president.

Obama has something worse on his hands than being hated. All presidents get hated. But Obama is being ignored. And that’s because he has no credibility.

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Whoa! Strong Farrakhan Words. And Damn Good Strong Words..

FARRAKHAN: Black unemployment higher under Obama…


Farrakhan Blasts Obama: Black Unemployment Higher Now Than When the President Was Sworn-in, Obama ‘Has Not, Cannot and Will Not’ Solve the Problems in the Black Community [Audio]

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“This, despite the fact that nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago—to name only one city—by another black teenager.”

The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment

Black leaders weren’t so much outraged at injustice as they were by the disregard of their own authority.


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