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Really? I mean REALLY!? In his case Hindsight is why I refer to him as tRUMP..



Donald Trump says his ‘extremely tough’ immigration policies would have prevented 9/11 – @washingtonpost

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“Wacky Burgers”? Come on huh! What’s next, Porcupine Burgers? You know, ‘Where There is a Quill, There is a Way’..

Get used to wacky burgers

Get used to wacky burgers


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Man’s Best Friend? Ya’ Damn Right They Are!

Man teaches dog to fetch him a cold beer

A man has trained his dog to fetch his a cold beer from the fridge whenever he says the phrase: “I’m parched.”

Josh Ace taught his Australian cattle dog to run to the fridge, open the door, and grab a beer with his teeth.

Crucially, the dog, called Bandit, then closes the fridge door to ensure the rest of Josh’s supply remains chilled before delivering the bottle into his hand.


Just exactly what is it, that the U.S. doesn’t GET about islam ? And please, spare me the WE are a civil society with deep concern about ‘civil’ rights !

Court ruling reignites debates over closing Gitmo

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The hits just keep on, keeping on huh?

Study: Nearly Half Of Water Taps May Contain Bacteria That Causes Legionnaires’ Disease

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The data is scary: Nearly half of water faucets sampled across the United States tested positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

While the study was small — researchers only sampled 67 public and private water sources such as kitchen sinks and drinking fountains – it’s the first one to chart the presence of the potentially deadly bacteria in water taps.

According to the EPA, the organization that conducted the research, 32 taps contained the bacteria, and 11 of those contained it in multiple samples.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia that causes chills, fever, headache, a cough and more. It can be deadly.

The study was published on Feb. 18 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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Finally the truth huh! Everything, from centuries back through this period of time, is the fault of whites! Jus’ ass, al, jessi, tour, dykesomeshiz and BARRY, et al, they tells ya’. What horseshit!


Furthermore, many of the problems faced by African states today are the legacy of colonization by countries that wield a significant amount of power in global institutions. With the exception of the French (who intervened against Ansar Dine rebels in Mali), the lack of direct support for former colonies by Western European nations in particular amounts to a desire to forget their role in creating the tragedies of today. Significant security issues are glossed over or ignored for the convenience of the powers-that-be.

Part of the French colony of Ubangi-Shari from 1903 to 1960, the CAR suffered the typical consequences of colonization, with the indigenous population forced to work for the good of the white man with no tangible benefit in return.

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“we have to pass it so you know what’s in it”. pelosi (I). Idiot California.

Uproar over ObamaCare’s menu rules

“Specifically, the proposed rule limits the ability of businesses to determine for themselves how best to provide nutritional information to customers,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. “As a result, the proposal harms both those non-restaurants that were not intended to be captured by the menu labeling law as well as those restaurants that have flexibility and variability in the foods they offer.”

Is it just me, or do others find it ODD, that THE person who heads the FDA and is forcing MORE government rules on the American public, as to what and where they can eat, is named HAMBURG? Damn, I forgot. “do you want FRIES with that”?

Oh and check out this pic, with the article:

The IDIOT using A knife and fork on that pizza, MUST BE the newly elected PROGRESSIVE  DESPOT leader of New York City. What’s his name now? Oh Yeah, de BALLSIO or some such shit.

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Ya’ know, Yakov Smirnoff as the Russian comedian who pumps his arms, exclaims ‘What a country’..

..Was absolutely correct. “What a country”. Where else in and on the Big Blue Orb, could a person, (Oh Hell, what’s that dudes name? Yeah the dopey lookin’ one, with glasses) as some have said, co-opt (see the definition of STEAL) an idea, name it Microsoft, then create something called Internet Explorer and THEN find out that Internet Explorer must have, 835,327 and ¾ PATCHES (and counting) AND BECOME AN EFFIN’ BILLIONAIRE!

You were and are right on target, Yakov Smirnoff. OH and the VODKA ain’t bad, either. ‘Cause I just tried to SHARE a previous post, ONE FUCKING TIME and wound up SHARING that post with half the population in PERSIA!

Should just buy an APPLE, but I’d eat the damn thing!

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