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This Little Dog’s Reaction to Seeing a Pumpkin For the Very First Time is Epic.


 Pumpkin Corgi


Ahh Yes. Another little Puppy Dog of mine is on the road being viewed by potential sucker..err, I wants a little doggie buyers..

Do Not Let The Adorable Cutsie’ness Fool You, They Are Evil Little CON-Artists. He-He-He..

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Man’s Best Friend? Ya’ Damn Right They Are!

Man teaches dog to fetch him a cold beer

A man has trained his dog to fetch his a cold beer from the fridge whenever he says the phrase: “I’m parched.”

Josh Ace taught his Australian cattle dog to run to the fridge, open the door, and grab a beer with his teeth.

Crucially, the dog, called Bandit, then closes the fridge door to ensure the rest of Josh’s supply remains chilled before delivering the bottle into his hand.


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