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For far to long, this female and her known to be corrupt family, have run Louisiana, time to wise up people..

Did not read the article, nor did I view the video BUT in her “dig”, I seriously doubt that she, of extremely low IQ, understood that SHE IS ONE of those “Southern voters”. You see, her brain must resemble a Muffaletta, soaked in Gumbo. Pisser IS, she runs the nation, along with others of her ilk, male and female of BOTH political parties to include one named Barry.

Sen. Landrieu takes heat for dig on Southern voters


VIDEO: La. Congressman responds to remarks

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“WELLESLEY, Mass. – A remarkably lifelike sculpture of a man sleepwalking in nothing but his underpants…….”


OK, first off, someone is going to have to do one hell of a SNOW (sales) JOB, to convince me, that this IS A “sculpture”. Secondly, WHY is it causing a “stir” at Wellesley? Don’t ALL or MOST WIMMINS believe that ALL or MOST MEN, actually ARE this way?

You Know, DUH!

The sculpture entitled “Sleepwalker” of a man in an eyes-closed, zombie-like trance is part of an exhibit by sculptor Tony Matelli at the college’s Davis Museum. It was placed at a busy area of campus on Monday, a few days before the official opening of the exhibit, and prompted an online student petition to have it removed.

by sculptor Tony Matelli

Hey, Matelli: With work like this (if itsa’ REAL) you should be filthy rich, already!

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OK Aussieo6, keep your hands off those ladies. :)

How to Keep Your Communications Private


Guest Post by Kit Lange


Umm, because you have big knockers?


Meghan McCain wonders why she’s being ‘cannibalized’ out of GOP


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The Ugly Contest Revisited..

This race is tightening..Patty has just entered the Ugly Contest. However, I do admit Joyce is very tough to beat..

This race is tightening..Patty has just entered the Ugly Contest. However, I do admit Joyce is very tough to beat..


2 Comments included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.” Umm, phraseology faux pas, maybe? “”, “panties”

First: Thanks for the mention.

So far, the best alternative seems to be referring to them by their particular style, like men do: briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, long-johns. We could call them thongs, boy-shorts, G-strings. Et cetera.

Actress Christina Hendricks, in 2011told Esquirethat “Panties is wonderful word. … It’s girly. It’s naughty. Say it more.” Personally, though, I don’t know many women who would agree with her.


If you womendo not measure up to this lovely creature, it is called ENVY. That’s why mostwomen”  “wouldNOTagree with her

And apparently I’m not alone. In addition to a slew of blog posts and message boards denouncing the word, The Huffington Post’s Zoë Triska named it “the worst word ever. included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies..The Power Of Love..

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Uhh Jamie, you just got added to the sandra fluke (along with her coven of other lefty’s of the same species) ‘War on Women’..

..they could care less about what the islammies do to their women..Stone ’em OK! Hang ’em Fine.  Lash, ooo good. Shoot ’em, they deserved it!

Jamie Glazov: Female Genital Mutilation: An Islamic Crime jihad

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