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pence, hmm. Oh yeah, rhymes with DENSE. One would have to be DENSE to team up with a tRUMP!!


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Pence: Trump is ‘a CEO at work’ on immigration

CNN  – ‎3 hours ago‎
Washington (CNN) Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence insisted Sunday that Donald Trump has been “absolutely consistent” on how he’d treat undocumented immigrants as president and his recent comments on the topic have been that of “a …

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Awww Look, These two Lefty cream makers made them a Nuke Explosion Flavor

Ben & Jerry Promote Iran Nuclear Deal


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He’s a Fucking Greek, What Would You Expect!


VIDEO MONTAGE: Defending Hillary…

Also member of invitation-only Clinton Global Initiative…


Foundation donors include dozens of media organizations, individuals.

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“Rabid Skunks”? WOW! There was a time that “Rabid Skunks” were called ‘actors and actresses’..

CA Drought May Be Forcing Rabid Skunks Into Populated Areas…

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Shirley You Chest!

Etiquette of naked dining

Etiquette of naked dining

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The picture is included to make more clear..




Cecile Richards on when life begins: ‘I don’t know that it’s really relevant’

..the 3rd person  personal pronoun

Example: he/she/it

’cause the individual pictured, fits THAT description.

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Toooo Funny! Word’s out guys, some of you been, umm, swishin’ the meat, uhh, Mabel and her 5 Daughters, oh yeah, Jerkin’ your chickens, between fares..

De Blasio to spy on NYC taxi drivers…

Louie, you know de Palma, ratted you guys out, ’cause he got sick and tired of all that sticky stuff, in the cabs, got it!

de Blahs got sick of hearing it, issued this statement, he did! Hey, assholes, I got kids Goddammit! You wanna’ do that shit, do it at home!

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This Would Be My Choice, for Afghanland. Enough Is Enough!

4 US soldiers killed by Afghanistan bomb…

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