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OMG! Uhh, gee, ya’ know he could have called the “opponents” anything, including assholes. Which is a more apt fit, considering how THEY and their minions are acting..


Just in case..Don’t get cocky Paul, the Left will do that for you, at no additional charge..

..anyone that is, or thinking of selling Joe Biden short in this evening’s debate.. Umm, that’s a no-no. Biden is an OLDER HARD HAT politico that can hit a fastball, curve, spitter, slider or knuckler, outta’ the park if in the strike zone.

And unless Team Imam loaded Biden with ‘super ‘hood speak’ drugs, Joey isn’t going to roll over. BUT THEN, it IS Team Imam..

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I still find it difficult to believe that there seems to be absolute SCADS of dumb bastards in this nation of ours. And those that know me have stopped wondering why I carry..

Emily Ekins / Reason:

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My “Hope” and “Change” IS our new President of The United States of America, Mitt Romney..

..upon receiving his oath of office, orders the immediate execution of:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and those that have connection to the World Trade Center 9/11/01 atrocity!


I refused to believe that there was a profound discrepancy in mental acumen BUT, John Derbyshire was correct, there IS!


Binet Scale of Human Intelligence
IQ Score Original Name “Politically correct” Term
Over 140 Genius
120–139 Very Superior
110–119 Superior
90–109 Average or Normal
80–89 Dull Dull Normal
70–79 Borderline Deficiency Mild disability
50–69 Moron Moderate disability
20–49 Imbecile Severe disability
Below 20 Idiot Profound disability

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Campaign Romney/Ryan: Send EGGS to Mexico..

Mexico scrambles to cope with egg shortage…

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government is battling an egg shortage and hoarding that have caused prices to spike in a country with the highest per-capita egg consumption on Earth.

A summer epidemic of bird flu in the heart of Mexico’s egg industry has doubled the cost of a kilo (2.2 pounds), or about 13 eggs, to more than 40 pesos ($3), a major blow to working- and middle-class consumers in a country that consumes more than 350 eggs per person each year. That’s 100 more eggs per person than in the United States.

Egg prices have dominated the headlines here for a week, spurring Mexico City’s mayor to ship tons of cheap eggs to poor neighborhoods and the federal government to announce emergency programs to get fresh chickens to farms hit by bird flu and to restock supermarket shelves with eggs imported from the U.S. and Central America.

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And then..

MEDIA INVESTIGATES: Does Paul Ryan’s black ex-girlfriend matter?

But wait, there’s more..

$500,000 of stimulus cash spent to air Obama ads during Olbermann, Maddow shows…

Our tax dollars at work..

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Oooo, that could leave a mark. Unfortunately 44 wouldn’t GET IT!

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