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No, johnny just put on his KNEE PADS..

Jeffrey Toobin / New Yorker:

Did John Roberts Tip His Hand?  —  The Supreme Court oral argument on Wednesday in King v. Burwell featured thousands of words, dozens of provocative questions, two engaged and skillful lawyers—and one very striking silence.  Chief Justice John Roberts, usually among the most active questioners …

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Gosh, wonder which way THEY will vote ! Don’t worry boys and girls..

johnny “Commerce Clause” Roberts will vote YOUR way. In Fact, Why Vote? You have already!

Obama health care law

Mar 04, 2015, 03:36 PM GMT 24m

US Justice Anthony Kennedy says there is a ‘serious constitutional problem’ with health care law challenge, says may win anyway – @Reuters
Obama health care law

Mar 04, 2015, 03:45 PM GMT 16m

Four liberal justices criticize challenge to health care law subsidies; Kennedy says challengers may win based on plain reading of law – @Reuters

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And yet, the Left pisses and moans about Justices Scalia and Thomas?!

Ginsburg Sleeping

Judge Ruth Comes Clean: ‘I Wasn’t 100 Percent Sober’ At State Of The Union…


Ruth Says…




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Does everyone on the PROGRESSIVE side have difficulty with MATH?

The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg’s Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

Ginsburg wrote that her five male colleagues, “in a decision of startling breadth,……………..” 

Let’s see now:

Sonia SotomayorStephen G. BreyerSamuel A. AlitoElena KaganClarence ThomasAntonin Scalia,Chief Justice John G. RobertsAnthony KennedyRuth Bader Ginsburg


Gosh, Dana’cakes Sweet’ums, I count SIX “male colleagues“.

Then Again:

“The math stuff was fine up until about 7th grade,” Obama said. After that “I’m pretty lost”


Abby Ohlheiser / The Wire:

Gee Gosh, who knew she could write a “35-Page Dissent” FROM A PARK BENCH.

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The Federal Government Doesn’t Either, Asshole!



Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., on Hobby Lobby decision: ‘Today’s decision jeopardizes women’s access to essential health care. Employers have no business intruding in the private health care decisions women make with their doctors’ –

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“Then” Loved John Roberts. “NOW” Fame Is Fleeting John Roberts.

That was THEN!

Slate: Roberts’ genius was in pushing this health care decision through without attaching it to the coattails of an ugly, narrow partisan victory. Obama wins on policy, this time.

This is NOW!

Hey Progressives, just consider this decision falling under COMMERCE Clause, as “Upholding the Affordable Care Act under the Commerce Clause…………………………………..”

Gail Collins / New York Times:

Surprise!  The Rich Won One

Stompy Foot Progressives

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Aww come on Barry, you know your best bud, johnny roberts will take care of that one..

BREAKING NEWS: Obama administration urges Supreme Court not to exempt Catholic groups from health care contraception mandate

Now were this islam, no touchy right barry?


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