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Jesus H! What Is That Smell?!?

New York Times Discovers New Crime Against Humanity: Manspreading


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Here ya’ go. Notice the “Excellent Wear Protection” on the label..


‘Everyone’ wants to know the brand of oil used on Kim Kardashian’s butt

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Wait! She Likes To Stuff her Face, Too..


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Not to worry, those are just cold sores..


I WONDER WHAT THE PICKUP ARTIST COMMUNITY WOULD SAY ABOUT THIS STORY?  I slept with everyone (and it led to true love). Forget about playing hard to get. Ophira Eisenberg says she had as much sex as she liked – and still found the man of her dreams.

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I apologize, but I just cannot get over or understand this bluntly inconsiderate, showing NO CLASS at all, eye roll. Can anyone imagine a Jackie Kennedy or a Laura Bush doing something this boorish?


Arms on table, stuffing her face? This is a first lady? I don’t think so..


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Video @ link. ‘Tiz a shame, as some just may need this assistance, BUT..


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Look Abdul…It’s Bacon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









NYPD: Uncooked Bacon Left At Park Where Muslims Were Celebrating Ramadan Labeled As ‘Hate Crime’…

….like ya got nothin’ else to do NYPD..

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Joey’s “very good friend” called and told him: Joey, if this isn’t done, the Ruskie’s will put the Ukraine’s “back in chains”. Joey said, ‘got ya’ covered dude, money on the way’..

‘My Very Good Friend’

Biden’s pal, donor gets $20M federal loan to open foreign luxury car dealership in Ukraine

John Hynansky

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