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How correct you are, sir..

Obama Is a Tyrannical `Borderline Communist’ Says Black Chamber of Commerce CEO noisyrm

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RIP Arlene Mae Breitbart..


With great sadness we announce the passing of Arlene Mae Breitbart, wife of Gerald Breitbart, mother of Andrew and his sister Tracey, and grandmother of seven terrific grandchildren.

Arlene passed away from natural causes yesterday in Los Angeles, two days shy of the one-year anniversary of the unexpected death of her beloved son, Andrew.

Arlene was a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She was also a pioneer, having been the first female trust officer made vice president at Bank of America.

Our thoughts, love and prayers are with the entire Breitbart family.

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The Twilight Zone, makes a comeback..

Give the First Lady her own TV show!

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Please assist these folks, in their need for KNEE PADS..


Meet the members of the Cult of Obama

Politico White House reporter Glenn Thrush:

Wonder if Woodward has humped up his book sales from GOPers, ie Amity Schlaes

— Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) February 28, 2013

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith:

Wish I could claim credit for this observation by a friend: “In which Bob Woodward shows he too can master the new media landscape”

— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) February 28, 2013

Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg:

Hezbollah is intimidating. Gene Sperling writing, “I think you will regret staking out that claim” is not intimidating. cc: @buzzfeedben

— Jeffrey Goldberg (@JeffreyGoldberg) February 28, 2013

Politico’s Maggie Haberman and Alex Burns:

So good “@aburnspolitico: “Did you hear that, everyone? Michael Bluth is THREATENING me!”

— maggie haberman (@maggiepolitico) February 28, 2013

— Slate’s Dave Weigel:

Theory: Woodward is trolling @pareene

— daveweigel (@daveweigel) February 28, 2013

— John Harwood:

Impossible. Ridiculous. @rickklein: E-mail exchange b/w WH and Woodward is out, via Politico. Hard to read as threat.…

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) February 28, 2013

Frum Forum’s Justin Green:

Juiceboxer and fellow palace guard @daveweigel on the epic stupidity of this “White House threatened Woodward” scoop…

— Justin Green (@JGreenDC) February 28, 2013

Texas Tribune editor-in-chief Evan Smith:

This is the threat?! Please.…

— Evan Smith (@evanasmith) February 28, 2013

Time Magazine‘s senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald:

“I don’t understand this White House,” Woodward said. He’s right about that.

— Michael Grunwald (@MikeGrunwald) February 28, 2013

On “The Daily Rundown,” Chuck Todd and Politico’s Manu Raji agree: “Hard to see intimidation” in the White House email.

Former L.A. Times reporter Steve Weinstein:

Bob Woodward is senile. Or maybe he is encouraging President Obama to break the law so he can be relevant again with an expose.

— Steve Weinstein (@steveweinstein) February 27, 2013

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Well, ummm, then Joey, “buy a shotgun”..

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Gotta’ Hand It To Joey, Huh ?

Taking Joe Biden at his word

by JOHN HAYWARDFeb 28, 2013 9:59 AM PT

Taking Joe Biden seriously is extremely dangerous – it can get you arrested or killed.  But setting aside the illegality of doing the things Biden says women should do to protect themselves with shotguns (everything he’s suggested thus far is a felony offense), the Independent Journal Review  decided to test his assertion that women will find shotguns easier to aim than AR-15s…

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Agree, as long as you, Barry and the entire Barry Staff, along with his administration his PRESS BOYS and GIRLS are the grass in that pasture. Eventually ALL of you will be eaten and digested..


Obama henchman David Plouffe: Bob Woodward should be put out to pasture

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OK, release the phone call itself! There is precedent, remember Zimmerman and Trayvon?

JournoList’s curious blind spot for White House thuggery

 “There’s a lot of JournoList crowing about how Woodward’s a big baby because Sperling’s “threat” wasn’t very menacing.”

“didn’t the Sperling emails confirm that he was shouting at Woodward over the phone?  The emails include his apology for doing so.”

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