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Going to state this just one more time..




Donald Trump, during Dimondale, Mich., rally, says ‘no group has been more harmed by Hillary Clinton’s policies than the African Americans,’ makes pitch to black voters

Without the millions his daddy left him HE WOULD BE NOTHING! ZERO! THE END! ZERO! PERIOD!

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Brazil Nuts. Who in the fuck ARE YOU brazil?!!!

Seems like it AIN’T the Brazilian’s that are NUTS!!

Police say Ryan Lochte, swimmers lied about alleged robbery

USA TODAY  – ‎14 minutes ago‎


Judge orders US swimmers Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen not to leave Brazil

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I’ll take my $20.00 dollar bills in, One’s, Five’s, Ten’s, Fifties, Hundreds OR PENNIES please. No Mo’ Twents fo mes..

Golllie, I ain’t alone in dis..

‘Let’s all pack it in’: Google’s top trending question after Tubman announcement is just plain depressing [pic]

‘Let’s all pack it in’: Google’s top trending question after Tubman announcement is just plain depressing [pic]

OOPPSS, check dat, eyes gonna goes wit coins, o fiftes ,O hundres, cause..

Women Sweep Redesigns of $5, $10 and $20 Bills

Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill...


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And from the comment section: “TALONIV.. I fuc*ing KNEW I was a fuc*ing genius”. I completely fuc*ing agree TALONIV!

People who are really good at swearing have an important advantage

In the journal entry, the co-authors wrote: “We cannot help but judge others on the basis of their speech.”

Those who are liberal in their use of swear words are not the lazy and uneducated individuals they are often made out to be, a new study claims.

In fact, a well-stocked vocabulary of swear words is actually a healthy indicator of other verbal abilities.

Writing in the Language Sciences journal, US-based psychologists Kristin Jay and Timothy Jay, dismiss the long-held belief that swearing is a sign of inarticulateness.

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Damn Near If Not 99% of dimocrats also favored the ku klux klan! You ASSHOLES..

POLL: 27% of Democrats favor prosecuting ‘global warming’ foes…

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Speaking of INSANITY! THis fat motha’ fuck big mouth white boy Bloviating BLOWHARD..

Exclusive — Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal ‘Insanity’

NO, ain’t gonna show this motha’ fucks picture..

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Void Their Scholarships, Frog March Their Asses Off Campus..

Scott Gleeson / USA Today:

Missouri football players to boycott until president Tim Wolfe resigns  —  More than 30 football players at the University of Missouri will not participate in any practices or games until Missouri System president Tim Wolfe resigns or is terminated.  Several black team members announced …


Awww tooos ba mehico. Mayb yu drug carts will al dies, whic es aloms all of use..


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