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The reasons as to why barry still exists. First Half KENYAN. Secondly, there exists a very few in both houses of our CONgress that choose to fight miser Black Lives Matta’ and I can’t vote ALL of the ASSHOLES OUT! Thirdly, what is still termed the U.S. Supreme Court, Ain’t in all but name..

Obama Tells Jerry Seinfeld Many World Leaders “Insane” In New Crackle Coffee Klatsch

Obama goes around Congress, sets record for new rules in 2015

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Well, what do you expect out of KINDERGARTNERS, HUH?

Trigger Happy: Students Get ‘Counseling’ after Seeing Confederate Flag on Laptop

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You share that point with george soros, BURNIE. The Child in the image, has MORE sense than BOTH you and soros put together..


Image via Twitchy


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Sad to admit, tarantino escaped Knoxville, TN. at a younger age. As to barry, umm, he is a kinky hair, right?!!!

Tarantino rants at ‘stop police terror’ rally…

GOODWIN: Obama fuels flames…

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Uhh, do any of your Marxist staff understand the term faux pas, nyslimes!?

New York Times:

After Boehner BONER, House Hard-Liners Aim to Weaken Speaker’s Clout  —  WASHINGTON — As tension built in the House of Representatives in recent weeks, it was sometimes hard to know whom hard-line conservatives were gunning for more: President Obama or their own Republican speaker, John A. Boehner.

Could give two shits how YOU the nyslimes pronounce it but MY pronunciation is BONER “House HARD-liners”. Real Gooder ASSHOLES!

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Umm, say huff’BLOWasshats, ain’t “Plus-size” AND “expansion”, kinda’, sorta’ fucking A redundant!



Plus-size retailer Torrid starts global expansion in Toronto, Canada – @HuffPostCanada

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HA! “Liberal Group” No! Leftist, Neo-Marxist like Barry, Commie TURDS, Love north korea, barry, cuba, islammies, stalin, adolf, persia, despise Israel no doubt..



Liberal group blasts Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, for Iran deal opposition – @thehill


Both Are Lying Bitches!!! One of the two, says he is a man..

AWKWARD? Obama, Hillary on Martha’s Vineyard amid email storm

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, Hillary Clinton promised she was going to ‘absolutely’ hug it out with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard after critical comments she made about foreign policy — Saturday the two are expected to meet face to face again on the exclusive island with Clinton’s email controversy and a potential Joe Biden 2016 bid as the backdrop.

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