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THEN, there is the WHITE Progressive that wants, NO DEMANDS..

..that Whites MUST now and forever continue, to be The Root of All Evil in Race Relations.

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 4

Nicholas Kristof NYT OP-ED Columnist

WHEN I write about racial inequality in America, one common response from whites is eye-rolling and an emphatic: It’s time to move on.

“As whites, are we doomed to an eternity of apology?” Neil tweeted at me. “When does individual responsibility kick in?”

Terry asked on my Facebook page: “Why are we still being held to actions that took place long ago?”

“How long am I supposed to feel guilty about being white? I bust my hump at work and refrain from living a thug life,” Bradley chimed in. “America is about personal responsibility. … And really, get past the slavery issue.”

This is the fourth installment in a seriesof columnsI’ve written this year, “When Whites Just Don’t Get It,” and plenty of white readers have responded with anger and frustration at what they see as the “blame game” on race. They acknowledge a horrific history of racial discrimination but also say that we should look forward, not backward. The Supreme Court seems to share this view as it dismantles civil-rights-era rulings on voting rights.

As Dina puts it: “I am tired of the race conversation. It has exasperated me. Just stop. In so many industries, the racial ceiling has been shattered. Our president is black. From that moment on, there were no more excuses.”

If only it were so simple!

The onlysimplething I see, is the mindset of the OP-ED writer.


You Do Know What You Will Hear IF..

Republicans Take The Senate AND Keep a Sizable Majority In The House of Representatives Don’t You?

RACISM From Al, Jesse, Clyburn, Pelosi, Van, Debbie, Sheila, Harry, Barry, Eric, Melissa, Rachel, Mary, Maxine, and The ALL LEFTIST MEDIA!

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