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Oh My! Earth Shaking News.. And in what manner, is this your business, Simon and Guardian?

Simon Bowers / Guardian:

Abba admit outrageous outfits were worn to avoid tax  —  New book reveals band’s style was influenced by Swedish laws that allowed cost of outfits to be deducted against tax  —  The glittering hotpants, sequined jumpsuits and platform heels that Abba wore at the peak of their fame were designed …

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Read it all. Excellent read..


The Untold Story

World War I

by Taki

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World War IJoseph Caillaux

By the time August rolls around there will be hundreds of books, thousands of articles, and millions of words spoken by mostly pompous people about who was responsible for starting World War I. The Brits were the first off the mark to blame the Germans. They would, wouldn’t they? Max Hastings, a very good English historian who affects upper-class mannerisms (his father was a tabloid hack) and has the most extraordinary accent in a desperate effort to show he’s a blueblood, was among the first to produce a book and place the blame where it doesn’t belong. Among the few who got it exactly right is Christopher Clark, whose The Sleepwalkers hit the proverbial nail you-know-where. The irony is that the sixteen million dead, the disappearance of the great royal dynasties and of the upper classes, and the birth of communism and Nazism could all have been avoided if a certain Joseph Caillaux had kept his pants on. Let me explain.

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A Black Pogrom Is Due! Then Thomas Sowell. Intelligence Speaks.




‘Knockout’ Assaults Reported in DC…

Rep. Grace Meng attacked, robbed near Eastern Market

And it just may be on the horizon

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“If we paid every member of Congress a million dollars a year — for an entire century — that would add up to less than the cost of running the Department of Agriculture for one year.”

From columnist Thomas Sowell:

Many among the intelligentsia prefer to think of special interests as corrupting our dedicated public servants with campaign contributions. But Peter Schweizer’s new book, “Extortion,” shows what happens as the extorting of tribute by politicians in a position to do a lot of harm to businesses that do not pay them protection money.

Campaign contributions are just one of the things that can be extorted. The number of spouses, children or other relatives or favorites of Congressional incumbents who get high-paying jobs in private businesses regulated by government can hardly be coincidental.

When Al Gore was Vice President during the Clinton administration, he simply phoned various special interests and told them how much he wanted them to contribute.

He did not have to spell out the reasons why they should — or why they had better. They already knew from experience how the game is played.

If we are serious about countering this and other political games, at the country’s expense in both money and confidence in our government, we have to oppose the creation of a permanent class of long-serving politicians in Washington.

Read the rest of the article here.

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And that is exactly what boy wonder is doing! BTW Allen West, I still have that ‘gas can’ at the ready for you..

Allen West to Congress: Don’t let Obama make you the scapegoat for Syria strikes


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This, is the reason you have NEVER heard of an Octocock..

The 5 Smartest Non-Primates on the Planet

Number 4:

Octopuses Neat human trick:

Credit: Mattias Kabel

If pigs are the most intelligent of the domesticated species, octopuses take the cake for invertebrates. Experiments in maze and problem-solving have shown that they have both short-term and long-term memory. Octopuses can open jars, squeeze through tiny openings, and hop from cage to cage for a snack. They can also be trained to distinguish between different shapes and patterns. In a kind of play-like activity one of the hallmarks of higher intelligence species octopuses have been observed repeatedly releasing bottles or toys into a circular current in their aquariums and then catching them.

The octopus is the only invertebrate which has been shown to use tools. At least four specimens have been witnessed retrieving discarded coconut shells, manipulating them, and then reassembling them to use as shelter.


This gentleman needs, no, MUST be in the list of candidates for *President of the USA 2016 !

with video.

Ben Carson: Congress Must “Surgically Excise” Obamacare

“This is what they should be doing so the president doesn’t have a political football to throw around. They need to go on offensive here; don’t just always sit around and play defense. You’ll never win the game that way. … Use the purse strings to kill it,” he said.

*Regardless Team Barry leaves D.C. peacefully OR ousted NOT so peacefully, our nation WILL HAVE a REAL Presidential candidate election !

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“This, despite the fact that nearly one black teenager a day is shot dead on the South Side of Chicago—to name only one city—by another black teenager.”

The Decline of the Civil-Rights Establishment

Black leaders weren’t so much outraged at injustice as they were by the disregard of their own authority.


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