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C’est la vie. oh wait. dats racis…LMFUCKINGASS)Off. Umm, what is kenyan OR NEGRO for, ‘laughing my fucking ass off’?

‘Kayhan’: The White House Will Be Destroyed In Under 10 Minutes If The U.S. Attacks Iran   memri 

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Yes sir, a Jew Hatin’ Half Keyan African..

Obama Signals Cold Shoulder to Israel: Can’t Just ‘Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya’


Let’s see if barry shows up for this one..

an 22, 2015, 11:27 PM GMT10m

Saudi Crown Prince Salman named king after death of King Abdullah, per official statement – @AFP

After all he DID Genuflect..



You Do Know What You Will Hear IF..

Republicans Take The Senate AND Keep a Sizable Majority In The House of Representatives Don’t You?

RACISM From Al, Jesse, Clyburn, Pelosi, Van, Debbie, Sheila, Harry, Barry, Eric, Melissa, Rachel, Mary, Maxine, and The ALL LEFTIST MEDIA!

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I completely agree. BAN ki-moon..



UN chief Ban Ki-moon says attack on Gaza school is ‘a moral outrage and a criminal act;’ says those responsible must be held accountable – @Reuters


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BAN Ki Moon! Posters and Bumper Stickers, Anyone???



UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says all parties involved in Gaza conflict ‘expressed serious interest’ in a 24-hour humanitarian truce; no deal on timing of implementation – @Reuters

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And back at the ranch, there are PLENTY islammie lovers that need, the Charles Martel treatment..

Hundreds ignore ban in Paris to protest Gaza offensive…

Nazi salutes…

Online anti-Semitism runs rampant…

10,000 march in London…

Thousands in NYC…

Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’…

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The Jew Hating Left and Black Racists Just Found Another HERO. It’s obvious by the headline of the L.A. Times. They Are ELATED..

Aw, shucks! A small-town Southern Bubba charms the Masters again   latimes 

The shooting suspect booked into the Johnson County jail as Frazier Glenn Cross is better known as F. Glenn Miller, a southwest Missouri man long known for deeply anti-Semitic and racist statements.

In 2010, he filed as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, then bought or tried to buy advertising time on several Missouri radio stations, including at least two in Kansas City. The ads bitterly denounced Jews, the federal government and African-Americans.

“We’ve sat back and allowed the Jews to take over our government, our banks and our media,” one commercial said.

Steve Israel AND Barry and Kerry team are no doubt jumping for joy, as well. So too are

Al, Jesse, Melissa-Harris-Tampon, Du jour Toure and Michael Eric Dyson.

Just in case, one is not aware of ‘Melissa’:

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