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I don’t quite see why, Wall Streeters, hell you assisted in this “dysfunction”! Your money went to BOTH parties..

Wall Street rolls eyes at DC dysfunction

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Just a notation, prior to RED FLAG WARNINGS. AND REMEMBER both Barry and Hillary thought Saul Alinsky one of the greatest..

Surrender: NBC, CNN Cancel Hillary Miniseries, Documentary

Look! nbc and cnn at any time, could have told the RNC to kiss their ugly asses. Me thinks, they dumped Ms. “what difference does it make”, to clear the deck of ANY opposition for a THIRD TERM RUN, by the incompetent fraud that now THINKS HE IS the most wonderful thing that ever occurred on this planet.

People that have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which could be Pathological  and it is indeed a psychiatric disorder.

RNC Takes Credit for Killing CNN’s Hillary Doc

Dunno’ about this RNC credit taking, because..See Above.

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This is another individual to watch. Just could be a damn good run for the elections..

Jindal to Obama admin: By all means, come tell Louisiana parents why their children should be stuck in failing schools

Sep 30, 2013 5:21 PM by Erika Johnsen

Power move.

Wonder what the sick evil bastards and bastard’ettes come up with, for this gentleman..

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Can’t Stop Laughing..

Car thief sprayed with invisible dye in police trap

A thief was arrested after being sprayed with invisible ultra violet dye when he broke into a ‘trap car’ set up by police.


Yafet Askale

Yafet Askale, 28, denied breaking into the vehicle which had been fitted with a traceable liquid called SmartWater, which contains a dye that becomes visible under ultra violet light.

As he stole items including a laptop he activated a system which sprayed him with the substance and alerted police the car had been broken into. Ultra violet lights showed Askale covered in the spray.


Oh My, how sophisticated !

DC police search for suspects in taser attacks

Posted: Sep 30, 2013 10:27 AM EDT


Police in the District have released surveillance video in hopes of finding suspects wanted in a taser attack.

It shows three suspects wanted for a violent armed robbery.

Police say these three men used a taser to rob someone last Monday on 12th Street northwest.

Other attacks have been reported near the D.C.’s Convention Center.

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The Left Never Quits..

John Hinderaker / Power Line:

The Associated Press Goes to Bat For the Democratic Party  —  Why do Republicans never seem to come out ahead politically when they go toe-to-toe with the Democrats?  Part of the reason, at least, is that the press, to a greater extent than at any time in our history, is monolithically Democrat.

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Why does Schumer have that shit eating grin?

STALEMATE: Congress returns
with little time to avoid shutdown


Both houses of Congress are back in session today with less than 12 hours to avoid a government shutdown after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed to reject a spending bill passed by the House over the weekend.

KURTZ: Government by gridlock: Why some want shutdown

GOP leader McCarthy says House can do things to avoid shutdown

VIDEO: Shutdown unavoidable? 

That GRIN, with a mustache would look like this:

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Just figured out why holder is so BROWN. He pulls his head out of his ass.. file idiotic lawsuits AGAINST A State protecting voting rights”!

Fast and Furious, what’s that? Benghazi, where is it? IRS, never heard of them. NSA? Oh, that’s the Negro Student Association..

Justice Dept. to sue North Carolina over voting law

Southern states moving to tighten voting rules

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