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Allen West ALL OVER the target..

The nation of cowards and Eric Holder’s “racial animus.” #tcot Holder’s job is promoting “good racism”  allenbwest 

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From Yesterday..

Happy Presidents’ Day. Happy with the one we’ve got?

Written by Allen West on February 17, 2014



Presidents’ Day is the perfect day to consider what we expect of a president.

Are we satisfied with a president who receives the dubious distinction of “Lie of the Year?” Are we content with a president who has had, on numerous occasions, his name and picture appear beside Pinocchio caricatures in the Washington Post due to his constant “mis-speaking” — er, lying? (And message to liberal detractors: this was supposed to be a new era, with the most transparent president and administration, so let’s talk about today, and not beat the worn out ol’ scapegoat of presidents past.)


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naacp heads would explode, were Allen West and Ben Carson to toss their hats into 2016 Presidential run..

GOP again chooses politics over policy on immigration   allenbwest

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CARSON: A physician’s view on the sanctity of life..

The thought of abortion for convenience is repugnant

Dr. Ben Carson. (Image from

A few Bits..

A couple of decades ago, I came into the pediatric Intensive Care Unit on morning rounds and was told about a four-year-old girl who had been hit by an ice cream truck, and was comatose and exhibiting little neurological function other than reactive pupils. I tested her pupillary reflexes and both pupils were fixed and dilated. The staff indicated to me that this is something that must have just occurred. I grabbed the bed and with some help, transported her quickly to the operating room for an emergency craniotomy. I was met along the way by a senior neurosurgeon who told me I was wasting my time and that at best, we would end up with someone in a vegetative state.

Nevertheless, we completed the operation and a few days later, her pupils became reactive and she eventually left the hospital. I saw her a few years ago walking through the hospital with her own 4-year-old little girl. She was neurologically fully intact and told me she had become somewhat of a celebrity because of the experience I just related. What do these two stories have in common? They both involve precious lives that could easily have been discarded.

IMHO, this is a must read..


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Still have my gas can at the ready, Allen B..

Alarming video: Al Qaeda growing and taking “a new approach to death”                     
Read this article →

Remember, when President Obama said “Osama bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is decimated and on the run?” If it weren’t for the fawning liberal progressive media, that statement could have been the “Lie of the Year” for 2012.

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America’s truth or consequences moment..


After enduring months of scandals, lies, and ineptitude, there can be no doubt America is at a crossroads. We must all decide whether the rule of law is still applicable in this Republic or shall we drift into becoming a progressive socialist dictatorship.

I know where I stand. The question is, will our elected officials have the courage to stand as well?

Watching the apparently mindless lemmings show up and cheer on an individual who has lied and deceived an entire nation on its most personal decision, healthcare, is just unconscionable. They are allowing their own freedom and liberty to slip through their fingers.

To still hear the countless droning of those who will make every excuse for what is blatantly a collapse of integrity and competence is simply astonishing.

President Obama lied to Americans about keeping their healthcare coverage while implementing mandates that made those plans non-compliant. The President then lectured the American people that these plans were not up to his standard, referring to them as junk.

The level of discord rose, even among his party, and therefore the president decides to implement “enforcement discretion” and just says, “never mind” — completely politically-driven.

But when a legislative resolution is passed to give coverage back to Americans, the arrogant imperial ruler issues his veto threat. In essence, there will be no dissent to his will, so what kind of America do we live in?

And it seems that when pressured, the same ol’ race baiting surfaces — consider Oprah Winfrey’s comments to the BBC, “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

As I’ve said before, I will not sacrifice my country for some faux historic moment. This is not about the color of his skin, it’s about the empty content of his character. President Barack Obama constantly shows himself to be a disgrace to America and a clear and present danger to our Republic.


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And that is exactly what boy wonder is doing! BTW Allen West, I still have that ‘gas can’ at the ready for you..

Allen West to Congress: Don’t let Obama make you the scapegoat for Syria strikes


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So true, good sir. So True!

Allen West: Obama “a very dangerous threat to the existence of America as a constitutional republic”   scoop

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