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My humble opinion, THIS was and is the ulterior motive. Welcome to The Alinsky States of America..

Video: White House refuses to rule out nuking filibuster rules for legislation too by Allahpundit



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Obama won’t get involved in federal charges against Zimmerman

Update sem. Jesus H! Done sprayed my Guinness al ova’duh screns..Fucking Alinsky LIARS!

WHY NOW? Verdict In, FBI Says No Bias — DOJ Still Probes for Racism


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I’ve looked, damn if I can find this in our constitution, “targeting”. BUT THEN, the writer’s of our constitution, didn’t know Barry and friends..

EPA Also Faces Probe Over Alleged Targeting of Conservative Groups

  • EPA is the second federal agency to face accusations of political bias over its alleged targeting of conservative groups, after allegedly waiving fees for liberal groups far more often that it did for conservative ones.

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Soon, China will Reap The Benefits Of The Canadian Oil Boom AND Barry Still Will Not Approve, Keystone. With Praise From The Left Green Communists..

China Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq’s Oil Boom…

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Hey Barry! Howz’ about APPROVING that Keystone Pipeline? The psychological effect? One, give hope to those..

..That need WORK (see below, it’s in Arabic). Two, the ECONOMY! When you and your Alinsky Gang, from Chicago  aren’t busy, shredding the U.S. Constitution, that is.. 

Gasoline prices here jumped by 10 cents overnight! I don’t give two damns what your Leftist Elitists (green commies) say! Those people, have work, if you want to call people that play FAKE people on the tube, or movies WORK!

Just in case, Barry  وَظِيفَة (Arabic for the word WORK). You told the American people, God knows how many times, that WORK (meaning JOBS) would be top priority, which in turn would boost the economy in REAL TERMS!

I know, I know..Math is hard, Psychology is way above your brain power, evidently 


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Totally Agree! If “leaking” by words, photos, videos OR by ANY means, really meant anything, most everyone in the U.S. Government would BE locked up (if not EVERYONE)..

Set - Former CIA chief: Time to free Pollard - Israel Hayom

Set – Former CIA chief: Time to free Pollard – Israel Hayom hayom

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Get me obama and susan rice on the phone, STAT!

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Where’s Hans Blix? Mohamed ElBaradei? This Bush administration will, will, uhh, start another war..

‘RED LINE’ WARNING: US on Alert as Syria Moves Chemical Weapons

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