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Well, since barry done da’ deed wid Persia ans da’ Saudis snubs him, guess barry a shia, huh?

Saudi Arabia snubs President Obama at the airport

Apr 20, 2016 5:01 PM by John Sexton

“a relationship long lubricated by barrels of oil is now facing deep questions…”


Ya’ Just Gotta Click the Link Below…Mr T Said So, Damn’it!!!


Boy George and The A-Team

Soldiers of fortune team up with a “English glitter prince.”

by Alex Q. Arbuckle


My, Me, Moi, This Little Kid In Response To A Damn Good Bloke in Australia, As To Why..

..I Desire Ted Cruz Over tRUMP..

In reply to Gregoryno6.

Did in fact enjoy it, mate. Even viewed a fellow that wore a fedora commenting lol.

My opinion of tRUMP is based on the difference between being blunt and honest and being down right mean and offensive. In my mind and millions of others, regardless their status is, he is not a “conservative”, in its definition. Granted a “simple definition” indicates dislike of change.

His past in words, actions as well as donation(s), point to, all for the glory of tRUMP and ONLY tRUMP. He’s an experienced opportunist. Those with differing opinion(s) to his are blasted with his “mean and offensive”, and in his mind have absolutely no value and are considered to be rubbish, as is/are the individual or individuals stating their opinions. While a God’s plenty may think “mean and offensive”, stating so in public is a whole different ballgame.

Could just see, read or hear HIS disagreements with say the leader of China, blurted out: ‘He’s yellow slant eyed bastard’, for instance. OR in reference to a FEMALE world leader with whom he disagrees: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”, as he stated concerning Fox Channel Megyn Kelly. Or outright saying, ‘She’s a BITCH!’. And somehow, words that he used would see the light of day.

Ted Cruz is despised by many in his own party for his strong opinions of their positions, and in doing so being blunt, but to my knowledge he has yet to say anything in a “mean and offensive” way, such as ‘he/she is a dumb bastard/bitch’, the permanent elitist’s of the today’s political parties in the USA wish to remain permanent elitist’s. It IS the NEW American way unfortunately.

As to Ted Cruz:

As Texas’s Solicitor General, Ted Cruz has argued in front of the US Supreme Court nine separate times, more than any other sitting US Senator. Out of those nine cases, he won five. Since simply having the opportunity to argue a single case in front of the USSC is quite impressive, Cruz’s background is considered highly esteemed.

As to the four cases he did lose, I don’t think he BLURTED out..’You Black Robed Assholes!’


Way, by FAR, WAY to damn good to not post!!!


Shaquille O’Neal surprises Florida teens, officer with game of basketball

Video and related videos are a MUST SEE!

A former NBA superstar surprised a Florida police officer and a group of teenagers days after the officer was captured on video responding to a call of children playing basketball too loudly in the street and instead of breaking up the game, the officer joined them.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, touched by Gainesville Police Department Officer Bobby White’s gesture, showed up to the neighborhood where White was called to and played a game of basketball with the children and the officer.

According to Action News 30, O’Neal wanted to keep the event as low-key as possible. He called the Gainesville public information officer Ben Tobias requesting the event to be kept under wraps for the sake of the children.

“I became a cop to help people, and these kids will never forget the day Shaq rolled up to their neighborhood and played basketball with them,” Tobias said.

“Without my choice to keep it a secret, I’m not sure this day would have transpired like it did,” he added.

White had been dispatched to deal with a complaint about the teens playing too loudly at about 5 p.m. on Jan. 15, police said. The officer is seen on dashboard video playing with the teens and even throwing down a slam dunk.


NO Mythology In This Case, Merriam-Webster..HEROINE!!!

Heroine | Definition of Heroine by Merriam-Webster

1 a: a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero b: a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities. 2 a: the principal female …


Virginia woman, 19, lifts burning truck to save her father’s life

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Feel Good Story of the Day. AND by the way 2016 has started it just may be THE feel good story of the year..

Partially blind Texas man adopts puppy with 1 eye

blind man and puppy fox 5 atlanta

(Photo courtesy Fox 5 Atlanta)

A partially blind Texas  man met his perfect match recently when he connected with Bear, a miniature Australian shepherd puppy who was born with only one eye.

MTV News reported that Jordan Trent, 32, ended up adopting Bear, whom he renamed Shiner. Shiner was the last puppy left in his litter, and no one else wanted him.

“When my kids saw him they told me he was blind in one eye, just like I was,” Trent told Fox 5 Atlanta. “’We have to get him,’” Trent recalled his children saying.

Trent and Shiner’s meeting began making headlines after his sister Kendra posted about it on Reddit.


Thanks to a long ago lawn care-related accident in his youth — “When I was fifteen a piece of metal flew into my eye while weed eating,” Trent told MTV News — he also has no sight in his left eye.

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Yeah, Haveta’ Say, Overall LIFE HAS BEEN GOOD..

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good

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Really mr. half NEGRO? REALLY!? Well Howz’ about RED LIVES MATTER, HUH!

I mean, THEY (RED LIVES) were placed on RESERVATIONS! WOW, Terrific Idea, put BLACKS on THEIR OWN RESERVATIONS, you know, just as IS DONE IN..wait for it…AFRICA! YEAH, Let’s Do IT!! ASSHOLE..

On criminal justice reform, president says ‘our history’ demands we take #BlackLivesMatter seriously

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