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IEA eases fears of crude supply disruptions

The bigger of the”fears” are known as Democrats. Headed by an airhead named Pelosi, who says NO to drilling and exploration of known fields in and around the U.S. with the tired old “it will take 10 to 20 years”.

“Save the planet” is another bullshit response. Nuclear power is a no-no, why? I have no damn idea, especially since this planet gets bombarded with radiation, every single day the sun shines.

Correct me if I err, but melanoma has as a buliding base for its spread, THE SUN not nuclear power plants.

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Bob Herbert on Morning Joe Part 1

Obama Shill

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Former Presidential Candidate Urges Crowd to Stalk Federal Prosecutor

Former Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel was caught on tape last week telling a crowd in Washington, D.C., that they should harass a federal prosecutor who helped bring criminal contempt charges against a Palestinian activist.

In the tape, Gravel can be heard telling people to pressure Gordon Kromberg, an assistant U.S. attorney in the eastern district of Virginia, to drop the charges against Sami Al-Arian.

Find out where he lives, find out where his kids go to school, find out where his office is, picket him all the time,” Gravel said, in an audio tape obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism and provided to FOX News.

Call him a racist in signs if you see him. Call him an injustice. Call him whatever you want to call him, but in his face all the time.”

Al-Arian is a former Florida professor who in 2006 pleaded guilty to providing goods and services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Prosecutors had tried him on more serious charges, but that ended in a hung jury, so Al-Arian took a plea.

He later was charged with contempt for refusing to testify before a grand jury in Virginia.

Gravel told FOX News that he doesn’t want people to break the law and that he personally wouldn’t do the things he’s recommended — but that it could be an effective way to change the behavior of U.S. officials.

“How do you deal with this kind of an injustice? I wouldn’t protest. I don’t believe in protesting. I think it demonstrates the failure of representative government. My answer to that problem is, I want to empower you as a lawmaker. … Don’t rely on your elected officials,” the former senator said.

Some terror analysts don’t buy that explanation.

“The question is whether he crossed the line in saying ‘find out where his kids go to school,’” said counter-terrorism expert Steve Emerson. “That to my mind and to government officials including those in the FBI crosses the line into a direct veiled threat.”

He said the evidence at the Al-Arian trial “overwhelming showed and incontrovertibly demonstrated that he was head of the Islamic Jihad network in the United States.”

Kromberg’s boss, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg, wouldn’t comment on Gravel’s statement, but he lauded Kromberg’s record in a statement.

“Gordon Kromberg is a dedicated, talented and scrupulously fair prosecutor. Further, when we decide to prosecute an individual, that decision is based strictly on the facts and the law, and in the pursuit of justice, period,” he said.

Al-Arian is still sitting in a Virginia jail. He’s also been ordered deported, but the United States still is searching for a country that will take him.

Yep…To borrow from Shakespeare…“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” [Shakespeare, King Henry VI, Part II, IV, ii]

We should say that about, Democrats.

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Obama Heckled Over Pledge of Allegiance at Ohio Town Hall Meeting

Breitbart Video

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Obama reverses…Political expediency? Nah, he always changes postions

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Barack Obama put forward a broad energy plan Monday designed to end U.S. reliance on imported oil within 10 years and shore up his standing amid a tightening White House race and high anxiety over gas prices.

Obama’s proposal, though, includes two significant reversals of past positions: He had steadfastly fought the idea of limited new offshore drilling and had been against tapping the nation’s emergency oil stockpile to relieve pump prices that have stubbornly hovered around $4 a gallon.

Ahhh yes, political expediency, this definition;
Adherence to self-serving means: an ambitious politician, guided by expediency rather than principle, at its finest.

Running out of fuel for the Dumbo Jet, Obama?


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Report: Al Qaeda No. 2 Zawahiri Injured, Possibly Killed

Al Qaeda’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, may be injured or even dead, according to a CBS News report based on an intercepted letter that urgently requests a doctor to treat Zawahiri.

CBS News says it obtained a copy of the letter from sources in Pakistan, where Zawahiri, second only to Usama bin Laden, is thought to be hiding.

The letter, reportedly written by a local Taliban leader and dated Tuesday, says Zawahiri is in “severe pain” and his “injuries are infected,” according to the report.

A missile strike Monday in Pakistan’s tribal areas reportedly killed Al Qaeda operative Abu Khabab al-Masri, considered a “Top Ten” target as the terrorist organization’s top expert on chemical and biological weapons.

That strike also killed five others, though it isn’t clear whether Zawahiri was at the scene or in the area.

What a God damn shame, huh? Roast in hell you filthy bastard.

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How to kill yourself like a man.

I was applying for a job to become a suicide prevention counselor the other day, when the guy interviewing me started bitching about how boring his job had become. The only people he ever hears from anymore are 14 year old girls who try to overdose on Tylenol. YAWN. How about killing yourself with some style? How about killing yourself like a man? Here are some manly ways to shove off this mortal coil, along with ratings for each category from 1 to 10:

Read it all here

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