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Four Months after Pluto Flyby, NASA’s New Horizons Yields Wealth of Discovery



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You Are Solid Gold In My Eyes and Mind Charlotte Brown, As You Should Be In EVERYONE’S EYES..

Blind high school pole vaulter Charlotte Brown wins bronze medal at Texas state championships


At first, ‘yeah right, sure’ BUT pic’s and video tell..

..something much different Robin and Koko

‘She became extremely sad’: Carers for the world’s most intelligent gorilla claim she was ‘close to tears’ following news of Robin Williams’ death – 13 years after video captured the two becoming fast friends


p class=”author-section mol-para-with-font”>By J GARDNER FOR MAILONLINE

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Match made in heaven: Koko and Williams met in 2001 and became fast friends

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Holy Pizza Batman..

Massive school of anchovies appears to be an oil slick. Photo from Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick

Appearance of baitfish near shore off La Jolla amazes marine experts, who can’t recall seeing such a sight in more than 30 years

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The Kid Has It! Be another name, in the greatest guitar player, if NOT THE BEST!

11-year-old guitar hero

11-year-old guitar hero

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Retina display

These headphones beam images directly into your eyes

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Feh! Just another ordinary, everyday miracle, eh? ‘Mystery priest’ and ‘miracle’ car crash survivor Katie Lentz hold emotional reunion..

Miracle On The Hudson-January 15, 2009

Mystery On Highway 19-Aug 13, 2013

Katie and Fr Dowling 2.jpg

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