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joey says: ‘beneath the dignity of an institution I revere’. Uhh, really joey, I mean REALLY ?

WHO’S IN CHARGE? Furor over GOP letter challenging Obama over Iran

  • VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden says a letter to Tehran signed by Arkansas Sen.Tom Cotton and 46 other senators warning that Congress must approve any nuclear deal is ‘beneath the dignity of an institution I revere’, part of a series of claims that the GOP is trying to undercut President Obama’s foreign policy.


Like THIS “dignity”, joey?

Image result for biden playing handsy with women

Or THIS “dignity”?

Image result for biden playing handsy with women

Howz‘ about THIS “dignity”, joey?

Image result for biden playing handsy with women


Joey Dull’aware IS laughable BUT the nations of the world are already guffawing at barry..

..his words and actions are not only laughable BUT just a tad more cynical and quite possibly more DEADLY to the American peoples. Hey Barry, pen any other letters to Persia have you? colluding with ANOTHER Progressive for barryCARE 2½ yet, HUH?



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Holy Cow! I agree with the “dems”, barrycare IS OFFENSIVE! AND, what would the U.S. ever do, without Joey Hairplugs, huh?

The Hill:
Dems ramp up offense on ObamaCare


Kevin Liptak / CNN:
Biden links Russia’s anti-gay laws to incursion into Ukraine

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Extra Care Must Be Taken! You Do Not Want What Happened To biden, Happen To You..

Hair transplant warning

Hair transplant warning

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OK, washington-dumb-as-a-post, you can be “serious” and I will be Roebuck..

WaPo: Biden a ‘Serious’ 2016 Contender


In a fragmented Democratic Party torn increasingly apart by its ravenously progressive young liberal base, Vice President Joe Biden could mount a “serious” campaign for the presidency in 2016. This according to the Washington Post, which details the makings of a Democratic civil war between moderates and progressives. by FRANCES MARTEL

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Which one is biden?

Smilin’ Joe Biden amuses some, creeps out others during SOTU


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Just figured out why holder is so BROWN. He pulls his head out of his ass.. file idiotic lawsuits AGAINST A State protecting voting rights”!

Fast and Furious, what’s that? Benghazi, where is it? IRS, never heard of them. NSA? Oh, that’s the Negro Student Association..

Justice Dept. to sue North Carolina over voting law

Southern states moving to tighten voting rules

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Choice #1: Early Onset Alzheimer’s. Choice #2: Joey from Dullaware, Certified Neo-Marxist, thanks to his pal, Barry..

Biden: Supreme Court wrong — Gore won in 2000…

Uhh, Joey, umm, it’s 2013

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