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Lemme’ see here now..

Will The Classic look of  Word Press STAY!?

‘Cause the NEW LOOK SUCKS!!!

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Umm, Iowa evidentially THE Iowa Supreme Court does not understand your state “motto”..

Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.

Iowa, Motto


FOP License Plate Frame

In Iowa, a license plate frame gets drivers tagged by police

It might be time to reconsider that license plate frame boasting your allegiance to your favorite baseball team, charitable cause or alma mater, especially if you’re driving in The Hawkeye State.

The Iowa Supreme Court just ruled that drivers whose cars display the frames can be stopped if they obscure the small print below the plate numbers. The decision ended a five-year court battle stemming from the 2009 traffic stop of a man suspected of dealing drugs based on information from a confidential informant. The court ruled 5-2 last week that a 1984 law requiring drivers to “permit full view of all numerals and letters” on the plate includes the county

“While a person who sees a driver commit a crime may not be able to remember a complete license plate number, the person may be more easily able to recall the county name,” Justice Thomas Waterman wrote. “This would narrow the search to identify the vehicle. The county name on a plate also shows whether a vehicle is registered locally or not, which may be relevant in identifying suspicious behavior.”

Citing “clear and unambiguous” state law, Waterman ruled that the county name is an “integral element” of the plate since it helps identify vehicles and said all numerals and letters must be clearly visible — not just the larger, primary six-character identifier.


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Atheist “mega-CHURCHES” ? Ain’t that kinda’ dichotomic ?

Atheist ‘mega-churches’ taking root across US





“It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said. Really? Now you determined that? Howz’ about the 9 other dudes, sport!?

‘Hero’ Offered Job Back — What About Supporters?

Tomas Lopez offered job back after being fired for saving rogue swimmer, but 9 other lifeguards remain jobless..

“I am of the opinion that the supervisors acted hastily, ” Ellis said. “It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said.

The fate of nine other lifeguards, who either quit in solidarity or were fired for stating publicly that they would also do as Lopez did, is not clear.

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Notice the blurb says “asking”, NOT demanding! The place has gone nucking futs and NOT just in this case..

Indiana congressman looks into possible ‘misinterpretation‘ after pantry loses aid for asking clients to pray

An Indiana congressman is looking into possible “misinterpretation” of federal guidelines after a local food pantry was cut off from federal aid for asking clients to pray, has learned.

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Hey Mitt, dis one’s for you..

5 tips to make sure Fido is safe when traveling

via Fox News

Dis ain't one of 'em Mitt..

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