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Gee Gosh tRUMP, maybe the S.S. is trying to tell you somethin’, huh?


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Really ?! Gosh, can’t get nothing by these feds. Are WE safe or what, huh?

‘Homeland’ Chief: Visa Waivers Might Allow Terrorists Into USA…


Striking resemblance to this vile being I’d say:


CMS official used ‘tantrums’ to push ObamaCare site launch, email claims

  • AN EMAIL FROM A former top official at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services describes agency Administrator Marilyn Tavenner, as a demanding boss who used ‘temper tantrums and threats’ to demand last year’s launch of the federal health exchange website proceed as planned despite concerns.

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While the difference between race and ethnicity is problematic..

..what does YOUR ethnic group NOT UNDERSTAND about WE the PEOPLE of the present USA, do NOT want anymore of YOUR ETHNIC group HERE IN THE USA! There ARE MILLIONS of YOUR ETHNIC group in THE USA NOW ILLEGALLY! And YES, I know that YOUR ETHNIC group DRUG enterprises, PROSTITUTION enterprises PAID BY THIS and past administration’s of this COMPLETELY screwed up USA “government”, some State and LOCAL “governments”, along with OUR DRUGGIE and HOOKER lovers, are in some part the ONLY income source YOU HAVE.

Report: Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson to Give Final Input on Executive Amnesty One Week After Midterms

Attorney General eric holder (and WIFEY TOO, huh eric?) and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will reportedly give President barack obama their final executive amnesty recommendations in two weeks, a week after the midterm elections in which Republicans could take back Congress.




The ONLY “level of ignorance we should not allow” IS, PUBLIC FUNDING of LEFTIST GOVERNMENT SNOOZE outlets. You know, like pbs and npr..

David Edwards / Raw Story:

PBS science reporter: Fox’s Ebola coverage is ‘a level of ignorance we should not allow’  —  DON’T MISS STORIES.  FOLLOW RAW STORY!  —  Miles O’Brien, the science correspondent for PBS Newshour, lamented on Sunday that he was embarrassed at some of the coverage of Ebola on Fox News that had a…


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