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Speaking of having risen. Truly heartwarming story below. Slideshow Pics of their wedding..

Photos: Recipient of nation’s first full-face transplant marries fellow burn victim in Fort Worth

At the same Fort Worth church where a near-fatal electrical accident melted away his face and claimed his eyesight, Dallas Wiens transformed pain into bliss Saturday as he exchanged vows with Jamie Nash of Garland.

“I am blessed beyond measure that you have chosen me, and I love you with all of my heart,” Wiens told Nash as they clasped hands in front of more than 150 people at Ridglea Baptist Church.

Separate tragic journeys brought the couple together at Parkland Memorial Hospital, where they met in a support group for burn victims in 2011.


Gotta’ love them Syrian rebels, eh Barry? Almost like Islamists dragging the dead body of Libyan US Ambassador Christopher Stevens

Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Behead Pro-Regime Cleric, Drag Headless Body Through Streets wz

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Think I read where the boy converted to Islam. Watch CAIR come to his defense..

Aurora Shooter Pleads Guilty To Avoid Death, Prosecutors Reject Plea   by AWR Hawkins

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Coulda’ been worse..

Google celebrates Easter with Cesar Chavez birthday tribute ~via Twitchy twitchy




What is, because he must have “illegals” to support his campaign for his third term, Alex?

Why Does Obama Pander to Illegal Aliens While Unemployment Among Black Citizens Soars? cfp

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Hell if I know. I’m still pissed that on EVERYTHING, I have to SEE a “Foreign Language”, BEFORE getting to the ENGLISH part!

Ta-Nehisi Coates / The Atlantic Online:
What Is The Purpose Of Foreign Language Education?

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Like Infants, they are. Rolly, real careful now..You. Are. Free. Sell. Your. Talent. Elsewhere. Your punishment IS: Write that on a Blackboard OR Whiteboard, 5000 times..


Roland Martin: “You have largely white male executives who are not necessarily enamored with the idea of having strong, confident minorities who say, ‘you know, I can do this. I am simply saying “give folks a shot.”      by JOHN NOLTE

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Bloomy says: ‘Let’s BAN Easter and Car Shows’!

NYPD is to beef up its patrols ahead of Easter Sunday amid fears over yearly gangland initiations – @NBCNews


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