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Speaking ok-ok TYPING of VILE people..

Two Muslim women attacked  beheaded in Tampa saudiland, syria, iraq, just to name a few..

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nbc ? nbc, presenting NEWS that doesn’t involve kissing barry ? Whoda’ Thunk It !



2nd owner claims dog fed harmful substance at Britain’s Crufts competition – @NBCNews

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Just for YOU, islammies..


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Don’t know for certain, but it does seem that this beast senses its demise and has shed tears. RIP..



Injured hippo dies after falling off moving vehicle in Taiwan –

Hey, Taiwan, howz’ about doing a better job of securing, next time!

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Difference IS, the more intelligent one don’t has no mustache..

Homer Hickam has advice for Sony execs meeting with Sharpton


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Only good and decent news today, and it ain’t from the U.S.A. Good Onya’ Mates !

Watch Koala Brought Back to Life in Dramatic Rescue

Firefighters and wildlife workers in Melbourne, Australia, performed lifesaving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an unconscious, injured koala Thursday, a dramatic effort that was captured on video.

Rescuers dropped the koala from a tree to crews below holding a blanket.

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This Sea Lion is better than a helluva lotta humans, I tells ya. Bless you Sea Lion..

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Oh My! al, jesse, melinda harris, AND newest RACIST jamilah lemieux, your assistance is needed in the UK..

..There are kittens infecting blacks with tuberculosis. Who knew kitties could be so RACIST!


Jessica Livings was struck down with pneumonia linked to bovine TB after being infected by her pet kitten

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