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State of Texas Keeps Home-Schooled Children from Parents

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Will someone, ANYONE, send this Mogadishu Mama, BACK to Somalia!

Donna Brazile: GOP Governors Blocking Life-Saving Healthcare

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Well good grief, give the lad a laxative and hope that he misses, the world cup..

Kaka hopeful for World Cup, but could quit Milan

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Oh My! al, jesse, melinda harris, AND newest RACIST jamilah lemieux, your assistance is needed in the UK..

..There are kittens infecting blacks with tuberculosis. Who knew kitties could be so RACIST!


Jessica Livings was struck down with pneumonia linked to bovine TB after being infected by her pet kitten

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Fixed and True..

White House Snowden says Snowden White House damage will last decades…

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‘THAT’S funny’: Pat Sajak reveals big Piers Morgan ‘news,’ password for Earth Hour shindig

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Our nation is in STEEP decline. Forget the shaming Vladimir is doing to us..

Teen banned from track meet over pink Mohawk to support cancer-stricken mom


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Oh My! Even the Ukraines are jivvin’ ’bout you, barry..

Ukraine’s Klitschko pulls out of election, backs ‘Chocolate King’   reuters 

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