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Speaking of INSANITY! THis fat motha’ fuck big mouth white boy Bloviating BLOWHARD..

Exclusive — Trump: Obama’s Trans-Pacific Free-Trade Deal ‘Insanity’

NO, ain’t gonna show this motha’ fucks picture..

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Sad to admit, tarantino escaped Knoxville, TN. at a younger age. As to barry, umm, he is a kinky hair, right?!!!

Tarantino rants at ‘stop police terror’ rally…

GOODWIN: Obama fuels flames…

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Gosh, guess these asshats don’t remember this first pic, huh? Low Info People..



Photo: Hundreds gather on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Mo., to remember Michael Brown – @ryanjreilly

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Only the start of a very hot summer season. Wonder if loretta lynchme will investigate this..

OR, as one officer is white, you know, ‘FEH, he had it coming’ and with the young Black officer, ‘Nahh, we kill our own everyday in BaltiMORON, Chicago, NYC, L.A. and on and on..’

This barry hussein fella’ and his close advisor’s, one being al sharpone, have accomplished wonderful things in this race relations, stuff huh!

Two officers killed during Mississippi traffic stop, suspects in custody

  • POLICE OFFICERS Benjamin Deen, center, and Liquori Tate were shot and killed in Mississippi Saturday night during a routine traffic stop, leading to a statewide manhunt and the arrests of two suspects — Marvin Banks (inset, top) and his brother Curtis.

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Absolute Tragedy That Could and Should Have Been Avoided..

Germanwings co-pilot was reportedly ‘not suitable for flying’ in early training

The USA has a similar situation, with ITS HALF AFRICAN leader(?). “Not Suitable For” Leadership, and yet he has and is being allowed to crash our nation, for the fact that of his COLOR!?. No amount of “early training” could possibly have EXCISED his hatred of White’s and Jews.

Western powers ‘have withdrawn from positions’…
Iran allowed to run nuke centrifuges at underground bunker…
Impervious to air attack…

Deal Sunday?
Obama Declassifies Secret Document Revealing Israel Program…
Unprecedented move…

Mideast ‘free fall’…

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Uhh, nyt, dats HALF WHITE House, his mommie-in-law say so..

New York Times:

Israel’s Netanyahu Reopens Door to Palestinian State, but White Half white House Is Unimpressed  —  JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Thursday tried to walk back his pre-election declaration that no Palestinian state would be established on his watch, but his new assertions appeared


No, not really BUT for damn sure the U.S. Doesn’t want another Cajun Boudin White Boy, Either..

CARVILLE: Does the US really want another Bush?

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Excellent! Impression was that you completely forgot about YOU and YOUR ILK..

..You know, al, jesse, barry, et el, being 13% of the US population eric. Let THE ULTIMATE RACE WAR COMMENCE..

Holder preparing to sue Ferguson police over charges of racial bias…


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