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You have the correct people BUT, “Friends, fighting the proposed pipeline”! You do NOT have the grasp as to, THE Psychological effect THE “proposed pipeline” WILL have on those U.S. suppliers of oil, that are NOT exactly “Friends” of the U.S.A…


..PLUS OUR economy and here is the BIGGIE “Friends” JOBS!!!

Green group sues State Department over Keystone lobbying documents Ben Geman / E2-Wire

Friends of the Earth, which is among several groups fighting the proposed pipeline, has sought to highlight past ties between pro-Keystone lobbyists and Kerry, Clinton and President Obama.

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Hey Barry! Howz’ about APPROVING that Keystone Pipeline? The psychological effect? One, give hope to those..

..That need WORK (see below, it’s in Arabic). Two, the ECONOMY! When you and your Alinsky Gang, from Chicago  aren’t busy, shredding the U.S. Constitution, that is.. 

Gasoline prices here jumped by 10 cents overnight! I don’t give two damns what your Leftist Elitists (green commies) say! Those people, have work, if you want to call people that play FAKE people on the tube, or movies WORK!

Just in case, Barry  وَظِيفَة (Arabic for the word WORK). You told the American people, God knows how many times, that WORK (meaning JOBS) would be top priority, which in turn would boost the economy in REAL TERMS!

I know, I know..Math is hard, Psychology is way above your brain power, evidently 


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Do not understand the “controversy”. With the genius administration our nation has, helping London could be the ONLY way, these unfortunate folks, can Get A Job!

Jagger Sparks Controversy At Sandy Relief Concert: ‘If It Rains In London, You’ve Got To Come Help Us’…

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Everything, EVERYTHING the founders of our nation penned as principles to guide We the People, is OR has been sullied and WILL be destroyed. should the present, lying, vile and UN-American administration be given another four years or LONGER..

Drudge Report Front Page




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Bloomberg is writing the “Help Wanted” Ad, as this is being typed. Come to Momma..

NYC to Regulate Circumcision…

Good with a knife, or scissors are you?

We have a position on our team for you:

Health Benefits. Retirement Package.

Starts at: $50.00 P/H PLUS TIPS.. 




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Come on huh! There are plenty of jobs out there, 44 says so. Just practice, “you want fries with that order ?” Another one to get down pat is, “is this for here, or to go”..


Things you may need to be proficient with or in:

Mopology (advanced degrees only please)

Politically correct guide to the correct use of brooms

Trash, paper or plastic?

How to handle the irate dumpster diver

Wino’s and their habits

Apron tying (back or front?)

Hair net technology (for use in handling food stuffs)

Immediate Emergency First Aid knowledge (’cause sometimes it takes a while)


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