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Gregory is BACK!

The mind is an unexplored country.

Girl With A Kitten

I didn’t say I wanted to adopt a kitten.

I was I was looking for a little… Oh, forget it.

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The left never, ever lets up. The rest of the nation needs to extinguish the enemies from within, FIRST!

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Upon conviction..the same should occur to this “couple”, “tortured and killed”!

Couple indicted for distributing graphic videos of puppies, kittens tortured and killed…


Hey, we’re lucky. Just think of what he’d do and say in And he jus’ loves him some Jews, like Soros an-an Schumer an-an Debbie. Bibi, not so much ’cause Bibi could kick his ass til he cry for mommie..

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Let us see now, what was it that Imam obama indicated to Mubarak? Oh Yeah, ‘you must STEP DOWN’! Granted old Hosni wasn’t a saint..but uhhhh..


Liberals, leftists, Christians, moderate Muslims withdrew before vote…

Retains Islamic law as main source of legislation…

No equal rights for women; owning slaves not banned…

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And it will come as a shock..

.if they do NOT “blink”. The GOP has been gutless for a damn long time. The Pravda‘ites in our nation, are fashioning headlines for either scenario. ‘Republicans Crash Nation With Obstinate Thinking’. OR “Our Lord and Savior” Wins Another With Decisiveness While in Hawaii‘..

Obama bets GOP will blink on taxes

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High praise indeed, huh?

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Want LIES with that order?

Egged on by SEIU, non-union fast food workers strike in New York


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