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Totally Agree! If “leaking” by words, photos, videos OR by ANY means, really meant anything, most everyone in the U.S. Government would BE locked up (if not EVERYONE)..

Set - Former CIA chief: Time to free Pollard - Israel Hayom

Set – Former CIA chief: Time to free Pollard – Israel Hayom hayom

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Yes, to my Florida Gator, Emmitt Smith. It has! Concussions are certainly bad enough, THIS just may add paralysis to the equation. You know, the head snap back thingy crushes cervical vertebrae!!!

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Dunno’ about your area, city, burb, community or whatever..

..but just got back from Wal-Mart. County Sheriff department sitting out front with their Mobile Command Unit. Somehow I don’t think THAT is there entirely for the Black Friday Rush. Just could be for dumb ass workers, should they get…uhh, rowdy.

Law vehicles at ever ingress AND egress. MANY law vehicles.

OH BTW, yes I can and do understand folks wanting more money for the work they do.

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Complicity: noun: association or participation in or as if in a wrongful act. This entire administration must be brought before a court of law, for the murder of four Americans..

Murdered ambassador sent cable warning of threats on day of Benghazi attack  by Ed Morrissey


And you wonder why I told Twitter to stick it where the sun don’t shine..


Sickening: Groupies tweet their lust for Aurora shooting suspect

raaacist 3Twitter nuts: If you think Aurora shooter might be mentally ill, you’re racist..

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Correct me if in error BUT don’t you folks at Mc’D’s have a really nifty HOT GRILL?

Winner won’t share $105M jackpot with MCDONALD’S co-workers…


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Mr. “Wrong War” and his team, sure do involve our nation in a hell of a lot of them..

Clinton details US plan to supply Syria’s opposition

via Fox

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To any or all aliens: The answer to your most asked question, NO, there is no intelligent life on this planet..

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s a Drone

    • AP
    • Thousands of hobbyists in the US are taking part in a do-it-yourself drone subculture, as the Federal Aviation Administration seeks to make skies friendlier to unmanned aircraft of all sizes.

      What happens when one or several of these takes a life, OR lives?

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