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Another TRIPLE LIPPER heard from. You know like, barry, moochelle, valerie, susie, jeh, et al, the negroes in power

Larry Wilmore compares Ted Cruz to the KKK, questions the size of his — well, um…

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The Half African in charge…Time to fess up barry, Shia or Sunni, Which SECT ARE YOU!!!


‘Shameful!’ – Obama Furiously Denounces Republican Critics of Syrian Refugee Policy

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Color (oh-oh, can I use dat word?) Me Surprised..

Mizzou student body president apologizes for spreading KKK rumor


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Condolences To The Family On The Death of, _________, ________, ________, 911 was answering an “EMERGENCY Hurtful Speech” report

Missouri Meltdown Continues: Campus Police Want Emergency Reports on ‘Hurtful Speech’

The campus police at the University of Missouri sent out a campus-wide email this morning asking “individuals who witness of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to immediately report the incident to them.

The email did not define what constitutes “hurtful” speech but did say if anyone experiences or hears it they are immediately get in touch with cops and also provide “a detailed description of the individual(s) involved” along with the “license plate and vehicle descriptions…” Also, “If possible and if it can be done safely, take a photo of the individual(s) with your cell phone.”

The email says if it is an emergency situation of “hurtful” speech not to call campus police but to dial 911.

Ever mindful of student distractions, even to emergency incidents of “hurtful” speech, the email says, “Delays, including posting information to social media, can often reduce the chances of identifying the responsible parties.”

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All of the above brought to YOU by:

Barry Soetoro is no longer registered to vote in D.C. -

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Really mr. half NEGRO? REALLY!? Well Howz’ about RED LIVES MATTER, HUH!

I mean, THEY (RED LIVES) were placed on RESERVATIONS! WOW, Terrific Idea, put BLACKS on THEIR OWN RESERVATIONS, you know, just as IS DONE IN..wait for it…AFRICA! YEAH, Let’s Do IT!! ASSHOLE..

On criminal justice reform, president says ‘our history’ demands we take #BlackLivesMatter seriously

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Hey USA, Never Ever Elect Another Black Shiite To A Leadership Position!

‘Petulant child’ Obama praises Iran deal, triples down on comparing GOP to terrorists

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This, is what Americans get and have, for electing a Jew Hating Kenyan Gene’d Half African

Obama Fails to Show After Being Introduced at ObamaCare Event…

Never EVER THINK ABOUT ELECTING An African, PERIOD. Doesn”t matter local, state, or like this FRAUD NATINONAL BASIS ! These types just ain’t got it AND NEVER WILL HAVE IT, EXCEPT ‘I a ‘MEICAN negro.


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If, IF this floppy eared person of dubious birth had his way, he would make Hitler look like a choir boy..


And the same to you, of his type, you know, like with “Hymietown” jesse 


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