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Well, IF that were to occur, Whatever territory isis has would GLOW for 1000 YEARS. Israel would show ZERO MERCY in NUKING THAT ENTIRE AREA!!!

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Awww Look, These two Lefty cream makers made them a Nuke Explosion Flavor

Ben & Jerry Promote Iran Nuclear Deal


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Below, find the answer to this vile, EVIL (how about that two words, same letters, eh?)..


..islam for many, many years. Have no idea concerning “wild boars” in islammie lands BUT instead of a Chernobyl type incident, SEVERAL PASSES of something similar to it, that DROP IN from the skies until EVERYTHING IN islammie areas GLOWS FOR CENTURIES among the DEFORMED MASSES of ┬áthis (oh-oh) EVIL, VILE THING.

OH, and since you are very fond of this (ready?) vile, evil thing Barry, you should consider all of your records and papers, toilet of course, could be housed in those areas. In fact your BLOW BUDDY eric papers. and the Persia Queen valerie papers, tooooooo.

Radioactive wild boars still run wild in Germany, 28 years after Chernobyl

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