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Finally! UN girlie burka masked. Killing him easy, barry, what needs to happen is dissecting, piece by piece and the pieces fed to wild dogs..

..Should anyone need assistance in the dissection, post a comment. Be more than happy to assist. I am damn good with a knife..

REPORT: Jihadi John Unmasked…

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isis just may be RIGHT ON TARGET..BEHEAD all of these ‘TEAM BARRY’ mother fuckers..



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Law means absolutely nothing with this RADICAL administration..

GAO rules Pentagon broke law in Sgt. Bergdahl swap

Barry, Eric, Jarrett. Susie Rice and the rest, of these foul vile assholes. And THEY (some of) believe “is,is” (thanks Clinton) are evil ?!

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Child Dental Fears? Whatta’ ’bout NOT SO “child”, huh? HEY, I’m an Anti-Dentite!

Calm child's dental fears

Calm child’s dental fears


TWO impacted bottom wisdom teeth. Oral surgery. Stitches. Stitches break. Neighbors see, a flaying DUMMY <wisdom teeth gone, remember!) in his yard.

Neighbor comes to help. Still bleeding and gagging on BLOOD.

Calls EMT’S. EMT’S, ‘hey dude, just try to relax, here, just sit in this lawn chair, head down, breath deeply and try to calm down’.

As I attempt to sit, in the lawn chair, the GODDAMN chair comes apart. EMT’S look down, as DUMMY falls and sits on his ass, ON the lawn and say ‘just ain’t your day, sir’ and CHUCKLE.

DIRTY (VERY) look given. Stuff 64 ¼YARDS of gauze in mouth. Holding head down and deep breaths. Becoming somewhat calm.

EMT’S suggest ME driving to ER at short distance hospital. ME, calm enough to do so.

Arrive at ER. Told, you have to wait so we can notify the ORAL (HACK) Surgeon. Two hours or so, HACK HE arrives. Re-stiches, wait once AGAIN, get the all clear to drive. Back at ranch and alive at that.

Hey Kramer, “ANTI-DENTITE”, is a damn nice way to say, I DESPISE the ROTTEN *&$%’ing Bastids!

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What Kind Of A Low Life Son-Of-A-Bitch, does these kind of things !?

Hippo statue taken from 4-year-old Massachusetts girl’s grave

Published July 13, 2013



The family of a 4-year-old girl who died after battling brain cancer is feeling devastation again after thieves stole a statue of a hippo that stood near the girl’s Massachusetts grave.

Erin Roderick was diagnosed with brain cancer at 10 months old, and her family said she carried a stuffed hippo, which she named “Purple Hippo,” throughout her entire battle, reported

“It was constant treatment, radiation chemotherapy, surgeries and through it all she had her stuffed hippo with her,” Erin’s mother Michelle told “She loved that hippo with all her being and she would treat it like a person,” she said.

When Erin died shortly before her fifth birthday in 2009, the family buried the hippo with her, and placed a statue of a purple hippo ballerina at her grave.

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Mary Jo Kopechne’s last words ‘OWWWW, teddy never had it the ass before, careful’..

‘Gag me’: Harry Reid says ‘Ted Kennedy is going to smile at all of us’


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What an Asshat Racist! BUT to answer your question racist asshat, enjoying himself by leaving big tips for “coffee servers”, like you!


Obsessed Touré: ‘Wonder what Mitt’s doing right now’

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I get the feeling that a lot of these plantation negroes here, ain’t never gonna’ give up this RACIST SHIT!

Alabama lawmaker’s email: ‘Slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, snaggle-toothed kin folk’…

Say Mr. Negro, certainly you MUST be speaking of your ancestry and of course NOW BLACK Islammies, huh? Else wise, shut your fucking mouth, Mr. NEGRO!

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