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Well Sure THEY Are Going To Renounce islammie extremism, SEE! Good Job Europe..


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Just great, as Barry straightens his tie and preens..

Germany joins US, 10 other members of G-20 in blaming Syrian government for chemical attack against civilians last month – @AP


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OOO, you jus’ wait til al, jesse, herASS-perry, obra, an-an-an tourette-syndrome here abouts dat one, Ruskie. Dats RACIS..

Russian Deputy Premier Calls West ‘Monkey With Hand Grenade’

Topic: Protests in Syria

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin

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Sure am glad that this Barry guy assisted, err, decimated them. On the other hand, the “over there” peoples have done a fine, fine job in assimilating islammies into their societies..

American al Qaeda terrorist urges attacks on US diplomats…



Awww, where’s the love this time folks? You just discovered he is An Incompetent Total Fraud?


Barack Obama bombs in Berlin: a weak, underwhelming address from a floundering president  —  When John F. Kennedy delivered his “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate on June 26, 1963, 450,000 people flocked to hear him.  Fifty years later a far more subdued invitation …

Michael Hirsh /
Obama’s Turbulent European Vacation

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Ja, wir Deutschen tranken Bier dieses Mal NICHT. Umm, oh yeah..(Yes, we Germans did NOT drink beer, this time.)

Alison Smale / New York Times:NEW!

Reception for Obama Is More Sober Than in 2008  —  BERLIN — The last time President Obama paid a visit here, as a candidate in 2008, he was cheered on by 200,000 Germans eager to see the back of George W. Bush and, as one member of that crowd recalled Tuesday, “full of wholly unrealistic expectations …

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MORE, unmitigated BULLSHIT!

White House defends high bills for Africa trip…

“Africa trip”. Barry and family “to See Exhibit” Kenyan “Ancestry”

First Family to Tour Europe…

Like these two and family haven’t toured Europe in the past? Phhllffttt!

Visit Dublin to See Exhibit on President’s Irish Ancestry…

Bu-but you don’t like those “Irish” ancestors Barry!

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Just remember, that with the world body and in particular the obama administration assistance, these LOONIES will have THE bomb, soon..

Iranian TV Blames Sandy Hook Shootings on ‘Israeli Death Squads,’ Says Gunman Was Just the ‘Fall Guy’

Iranian TV Blames Sandy Hook Shootings on ‘Israeli Death Squads,’ Says Gunman Was Just the ‘Fall Guy’ blaze

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