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Excuse Me For This Fast Hurried Post BUT, I Gotta’ Go Get Some BACON, ‘Cause I’m Out Of BACON..

WORLD LEADERS ‘RATTLED’? Obama, Trump take swipes at
each other over foreign policy

A Triple Lipper (barry) AND A Orange Skinned Bloviating Asshat That Has a Pocket For WHAT’EVEH Below His Bottom Lip..

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For FUCKING get isis, obama, tRUMP and Brussels, WE, our nation..


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Yeah So!? Most, If NOT ALL, Are Stupid Bastards Anyhoo! No Doubt Voted For barry of Kenyan Genes TWICE!!



My opinion of these people IS, they are as VILE and EVIL, as is isis, and assorted OTHER islammies..

PLANNED PARENTHOOD INVESTIGATION: Abortionists Cut Through Face to Extract Intact Brain…

Heart still beating…


The Left and Race Baiters Continue Living in the Past and Continue Poisoning the Present and Future..

Morning Joe compares the #ChapelHillShooting suspect to George Zimmerman

Hey, morning joe, you forgot Mikey the ‘Gentle Giant of Ferguson’, didn’t you?

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Yeah So! de ballsio likes it that way AND, they have NOT been cited for takin’ a piss in the sink.. public view

Fancy NYC Restaurant Cited for Rotting Fish, Soiled Dish Towels, No Hand Soap…

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This is another individual to watch. Just could be a damn good run for the elections..

Jindal to Obama admin: By all means, come tell Louisiana parents why their children should be stuck in failing schools

Sep 30, 2013 5:21 PM by Erika Johnsen

Power move.

Wonder what the sick evil bastards and bastard’ettes come up with, for this gentleman..

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Oh My, how sophisticated !

DC police search for suspects in taser attacks

Posted: Sep 30, 2013 10:27 AM EDT


Police in the District have released surveillance video in hopes of finding suspects wanted in a taser attack.

It shows three suspects wanted for a violent armed robbery.

Police say these three men used a taser to rob someone last Monday on 12th Street northwest.

Other attacks have been reported near the D.C.’s Convention Center.

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